Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bad Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I know mine could have been better.  It started out shitty and only seemed to get worse from there.   I won't get into details because well there isn't enough time for you to read it or me to type it.

You see my husband and I got into a major argument and well lets just say that it was an extremely nasty argument.  Things were said and done that can't be taken back and haven't been apologized for.  It only escalated from there and there was not alot of happy people in the house when it was all said and done.

Long story short my husband and I haven't really talked since Friday night when this all happened.  He and I had a conversation in regards to the argument Saturday morning but I honestly don't know if it really helped.  I mean lets face it, he hasn't spoken to me and I haven't spoken to him.  I am sure that my husband won't read this and if he does then I will be totally shocked and we will probably end up in another argument.  He doesn't like for people to be in our business but I have to get these thoughts out of my head.  I talked to my brother and sister-in-law both about it and they both told me the same thing, take a deep breathe and calm down and maybe Saturday would be better.  Well it really wasn't.  I was still mad and hurt and he was well, I am not sure what he was, since he don't show much emotion,  and neither one of us budged or apologized for what had happened.  In his eyes he doesn't see it as anything wrong in what he did, as to where I see it as a major issue.  Of course I didn't apologize for what I said either which he says caused his reaction.  Either way we were both wrong and could have handled the situation alot better then what we did.

So I was searching for some images when I came across this one below and it made me stop and think.  Is it over?   We haven't said hardly 2 words to each other since this Saturday night.  I mean seriously we talked about the same things that have been an issue from day one practically since we got married.  Nothing has really changed that much but he has made an improvement on ONE thing that he said he would work on two years ago.  But at least it is One Thing right?  I mean granted I am sure I am not an easy person to live with but I ain't that bad either.  Right now I am just wondering if he is going to be home when I get there.  Anyway,  I just had to get this out of my mind.  

I just want him to apologize for what happened.  Rather he feels he is right or wrong doesn't matter.  What matters is what happened and the results of it and not who is right or who is wrong!!!!!!!