Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Letters

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Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Friday Letters.  Today has been a somewhat long and boring day and it is only 6:43 p.m.  I have been in a slump it seems with everything including my Avon business which is a bad thing.  I have so much stuff I want to do and get done that I don't even know where to start with writing a list.  So I will start with this and get that one off the list.

Dear God,  thank you for giving me another day to be with my family, friends and all those that I don't get to see everyday.  I am glad that the weather is finally getting warmerish and enjoyable.

Dear Trent,  thank you for listening to me bitch about stuff that seems non relative to you.  I know we have different ways of thinking but you listen and try to give me advise that I will follow.  I hear what you are saying I really do but putting some of it in action is another story.  I am especially thankful that you are done with night work.  I hate it when you are not here at night with me.

Dear Victoria,  hopefully we can pin down the invitations that you want, this going back and forth is enough to drive a person crazy.  I know you are excited about the baby shower and I am excited for you.  I am glad that Christian is moving more and you get to experience a joy that many do not.

Dear Brandon,  thank you for cutting the grass the other day and taking out the garbage without being asked.  It so needed to be done and you did it with a little attitude but you did it nonetheless.  I love you and am proud of the man you are becoming.  Now call your dad and grandma.

Dear Marie,  thank you for getting me orders for my Avon business.  It is such a help when I can't get everywhere to service people that you are willing to take orders and deliver them for me.  Even if it is at your work.

Dear Kevin,  I hope you get good news about the appointments that you have had recently.  I know you have got to be going stir crazy in the house all the time.

Dear Kisha,  I am so sorry that you are going through what you are going through.  I totally agree with you on how you feel and so know first hand the drama that follows.  I unfortunately have had my own taste of what you are going through and it sucks!  Hang in there and you will get through.  Just pray.

Dear Scott,  you have a birthday tomorrow and I wish we could all be there with you to celebrate.  Just know that we love you all and miss you all as well.  Can't wait till you come up here in May and we can see you.  Hope the doctor gives you better news then what you have gotten lately.

Dear Jonathan,  thank you for putting pictures of Kaylee up on your facebook page.  I sent you a private message and I hope that you read it and take it to heart.  All I want is for my family to be together and for Kaylee to know that she is loved and we are still here for her and wanting to be a part of her life.

Dear Brandon,  I know you don't have a facebook page or at least not one that I can find however, your girlfriend Jayce does.  I want to thank her for putting pictures of Aadyn on there for me to see.  He is so adorable and I miss him so much.  I haven't seen him since October 22, 2008 which was only 16 days after we lost his mommy in the motorcycle accident.  I miss him and I want to be a part of his life.  He does look happy and health which I am thankful for and he seems to adore your girlfriend.  I am also thankful for that.  I wish you would contact me so I can be a part of his life and share with him who his mommy is and was.

Dear Avon Customers,  thank you for sticking with me this past year.  It has been an adventure and because of you I am now in the top 10% of Avon Achievers for Presidents Club which is an honor to be in.

Dear me, get your shit together and get back on track.  You can do this as you have done it before.  I know you are feeling overwhelmed, helpless, distracted, irritated and all the other emotions that you have been going through but this isn't anything new.  We have been here before and will be here again.  Get it together already!!!!!

Dear blogger friends and family, thank you for stopping by my little ole blog.  I know that I don't blog on a daily basis which is something that I am trying to work on.  Between work, home and my Avon business honestly when I come home after work I just want to hide in my room just breathe but that doesn't happen very often.  So thank you again for stopping by and leaving your comments.  Let me know what you would like to hear about and I can try and get it up and going for you all.  My sister-in-law Kisha over at The Glamorous French Housewife tells me all the time that I need to start doing videos especially since I sell Avon.  I am considering it but let me know what you think.