Wednesday, April 09, 2014

April Wednesday Hodgepodge

Good morning everyone.  Sorry I should of had this up hours ago but honestly I haven't been on my home computer that much lately.  I just haven't felt like it and honestly have been a little busy with work and Avon.  I love that I can do so much with my Avon business to help me do other things that I love and enjoy.  

Today I am doing another Wednesday Hodgepodge link up with Joyce over at From This Side of the Pond.  She puts up questions every Tuesday evening for us to answer and then shares hers with us on Wednesday so we can link up and meet new people.  So please feel free to join in on the fun and let us know you were here.

1. April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. When did you last 'shower' attention on someone or have attention 'showered' on you? Did you love it, or did all that attention make you squirm?
-----  I always shower my husband with attention and my kids.  I believe that no matter what you are suppose to do for your loved ones so they know you are always there for them and you love them regardless of what is going on in their life.  

2. Share a favorite 'spring break' memory. Not talking about just the 'college spring break' thing, but any favorite spring break memory you'd like to share. Keep it family friendly please!
-----  I never really did anything special for spring break because of working all the time.  However, I did get to take my two boys to Florida for spring break one year.  That was interesting.

3. It's National Pecan Month...are you a fan? If so, what's your favorite dish that calls for pecans?
-----  I don't care for Pecan's really.  I am more of a walnut fan and regular peanuts.

4.  'Put all your eggs in one basket', 'egg on your face', 'rotten egg', 'walk on eggshells', or 'a good egg'...which egg-spression could most recently be applied to your own life?
---- Walking on Egg Shells for sure.  My daughter is pregnant so I have to be careful what I say to not set her off in an emotional hormone filled rampage.

5.  In my experience___________________________________.
-----  There is always a way out of any situation and a solution for everything.  Just because it may seem impossible doesn't mean that it is.

6. What's a  favorite song with the word rain in its title or lyrics?
---- Eddie Money "I Love a Rainy Night"

7. What does the word hope mean to you?
----- Hmmmm this is a tough one to answer.  Hope can mean alot of things but mostly it means I am not out for the count.  Again, like I stated earlier just because it may seem impossible doesn't mean it is.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
-----I have been experiencing alot of medical issues lately and now it seems to be getting worse or more.  However, I am going to call and get to the doctor because the lack of sleep, the acid reflux, the weight gain and migraines have got to go.  Not to mention I am wanting to stop smoking before my grandbaby is born.
-----  The other thing that seems to bother me lately is that when I find something great on another website and want to print it out that there is no print button on the site and I have to print it out the long way.  Sorry ok rant over.  

So go ahead and join in on the fun.  Let me know you were here by leaving a comment or clicking the Blue Join This Site button on the right. I would love to hear your feed back and know I am not the only one with some of the issues that I  Happy Wednesday and welcome aboard.