Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winter strikes again!!!!!!!!

Well it was another cold and wet day here in Louisville.  It was very depressing because it started out so pretty and warm.  Yesterday was absolutely beautiful with sunny skies and warm weather in the 70's.  Today however was a different story.

Today it was warm in the morning and by 8:30 it started to rain and get cold.  The wind was whipping around like no tomorrow and then after lunch the white stuff started to come down.  Luckily it didn't stick but the cold weather did manage to stay.  I am so tired of this cold weather that I wish I could escape to Florida or California.

According to the weather channel it is suppose to be in the mid 40's tomorrow and then the mid 60's Friday and Saturday and back to the 40's on Sunday.  I think mother nature needs prozac.  I thought I had bad hot flash swings but she is driving me crazy.

So tonight was only fitting to have a nice warm comfy dinner.  I took the easy route since the weather was so nasty outside I decided to dig through the cabinets and see what I could find.  I swear nothing beats a great Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a bowl of Hot Soup on a cold wintery day.

So I fixed two big cans of soup so everyone had an option on which kind they wanted and it hit the spot.  I ate cream of mushroom soup with mine while one of my kids joined in on the mushroom and the other along with hubby choose chicken noodle soup.  Either way, I was a winner with dinner.

So after dinner I have been enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee while catching up on my soap opera.  I haven't been able to see an actual episode on t.v. of the Young and the Restless for a year now.  It sucks watching it on the computer because of all of the commercials.

I got several posts done today, finished my laundry, talked to a great mentor tonight and enjoyed the peace and quiet at home.  I got news today that I will have to go have a biopsy done on my thyroid on Monday which I am not looking forward to but it is what it is.  So I am going to try and hold a yard sale on Saturday and possibly do some recruiting as well. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening and no matter where you are in the world I hope you stay safe, warm and happy.