Friday, March 28, 2014

Test Results, Feeling Blessed and Confused

Hello everyone.  Sorry I am not doing a Friday Letter post today.  I have way to much on my mind.

First I want to thank all of you that kept me in your prayers while I was waiting on my test results from my thyroid biopsy.  After alot of calls and getting rather loud and rude on the phone I finally got an answer.  The test came back normal and I have a clear bill of health.  Which lifted a huge wait off of my shoulders.  It drove me crazy going over the weekend not knowing the results when I was told that I would have them back in 3 days.  I can honestly say I have never dealt with a doctor like this one and I wasn't happy with the fact that he wouldn't return my calls at all.  The least he could have done was called back and told me the results weren't there yet.

As far as feeling blessed.  Well I have to say that my family is feeling blessed.  The other day my sister-in-law Kisha was in a horrible car accident and totaled her Jaguar.  Fortunately she survived but not without some bumps, bruises and some broken ribs but she is still here.  I am also thankful for the people that stopped to help her.

Feeling confused because I don't understand how people can sit and degrade, torment, criticize and belittle people the way they seem to do on the internet.  Now I will be the first to admit, I AM NOT A SAINT, I curse like a sailor even though I try my hardest not to on here, just because I do doesn't mean you want to read or hear it, I am not exciting, entertaining, the brightest, smartest, or most educated but that is OK.  I am me and you are you, so if you don't like someone then simply leave them alone.  Don't sit there and degrade them, belittle them, rag on them, call them names and say that you would do this or that when in fact you have a choice as well, you don't have to read, watch or interact with that person.    So I guess where I am going with this Confused thing is this........Do you teach your child/children to bully as well?  What do you think it is called when you do that to someone?  You are not perfect either.  So what we may not all be alike, we are not supposed to be.

The reason I write my blog is to get out there and meet other people, find different ways of doing things, get inspired about something and most know that I AM NOT ALONE!!!!!!!  There are other people out there going through things that any one of us may be going through and they just want to know that they are not alone.  So to all of you out there wondering if you are the only one feeling the way you are or going through what you are going through....THE ANSWER IS NO!!!!!!!!

Turn your issues and troubles to God and let him handle it.  To everyone else...don't like it, then don't deal with it.

So with all that being said, I hope everyone has a great weekend or at least a great of a weekend as possible.