Monday, March 03, 2014

Technologically Challenged!!!!!!

This would so be me if I owned a  I have to say that I am pretty good with the computer and figuring out what I want and how to do it.  HOWEVER, when it comes to Twitter, InstaGram, Pinterest. YouTube and yes even this blog, I get a little confused and frustrated.  I mean come on I still have to yell for my son to help me with the DVD player.  Yes I know that is sad isn't it.  I mean seriously who in the world doesn't know how to work one of those things.  You turn it on, push the open button, put your dvd in and close it and it starts playing all on it's own usually.  So you would think that since I have the basics down I can do it right?!, WRONG!!!!!  You have to make sure that your t.v. is on the right preset or nothing comes on the screen.  So you see this is where I really get confused with all the different things you have to know.  I just give up.  The sad part is, my husband, who doesn't even know how to work a computer pretty much knows how to do this.  So sad I am.

My sister-in-law Kisha over at The Glamorous French Housewife is all over these things and tells me all the time that I need to be on them.  Ok, fine, I give in you win, I tell her.  So I go and I create an account on all of these different sites.  I try to re-tweet, instagram, I watch YouTube (never uploaded), re-pin and post blogs.  However, I haven't a clue what I am doing on most of them.  For instance, I want to make a video of my late daughter and include her voicemail in the video.  So I open HP Video maker, add photos, I manage to add her voicemail so everyone can hear her voice and then I am stuck.  I don't know how to make it short, long, fade in, out, right side, left side any of it.  You get where I am going here.  Yes I am clueless.  So I give up.  Well Saturday my sister-in-law Kisha calls and she walks me through it.  Man didn't I feel like an idiot.  That was so simple, seriously how could I have not known how to do that.   So I saved it and I will finish it later.  So now back to why I originally started writting this post.  

PINTEREST ROLL OVER BUTTON!!!!!!  You know that Pin-It button that pops up when you scroll over an imagine in a blog.  Well I wanted to do that on my photos in my blog so instead of irritating Kisha I decided I was going to figure it out on my own.....ummmm yehhhhh uhhhhhh WRONG!!!!!!  I searched all weekend, watched tons of YouTube videos and read countless articles only to scratch my head and say "whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttt???????"  Yeah no clue, didn't understand any of it as if it was in Korean or something.  Then today at work I decided to Google it again and Viola found the best article ever.  

For some reason the hours of searching, watching and reading did not pull up this post here until today.  So it must be my lucky Monday day.  Karen at Sew Many Ways explains it with screen shots.  I would say that with over a 100 comments thanking her for this article that I am not the only one out there that didn't understand how to do this.  So I want to say Thank You to Karen for breaking it down for me to understand.  Now if only everyone would add a "Print Friendly" button on their blog that would be awesome but one thing at a time.  When I get home tonight I will be adding this button to my photos that I will be putting up and praising Karen for all of her wonderful effort, direction, and screen shoots that she has provided.

So happy Monday, sorry for the long post but hopefully you have enjoyed it.  Be sure to leave me a note and let me know I am not alone.