Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Heavenly 25th Birthday to My Daughter Heather Nicole Jaggers

*****This post may offend some people.  This is a true and accurate account of the night my daughter died and my feelings that are a result of it.*******

Today would have been my daughters 25th Birthday.  She loved Crazy Daisies so it was only fitting to find a cake that had them on there.  I was surprised to see how many pictures there are on the web like this.  Thanks to everyone that shares.

There is no greater love then that of a mother.  I know that alot of people would disagree with that but it is the facts.  A father can love his child just as much but the mother will always have the greatest love for her child.  She is the one that carries the child to birth, she is the one that nurtures the child and is always the one that is there for the child no matter what.  That is what I did and that is what Heather did for her children.

25 years ago today I gave birth to a happy healthy baby girl.  She was precious and perfect in  every way.  She was my first of many more to come.  She was the first grandchild.She was the center of attention even after she was no longer the only child or grandchild.  She was unmatched in everything she did.  She was Heather Nicole Jaggers aka The Princess.  She was the first to give me grandchildren and the first to have great grandchildren.  She was Heather!!!!!

Heather was killed in a motorcycle accident just a mile from home.  The accident from what I was told was horrible.  She was a passenger on the back of a crotch rocket bike and was hit by a car of illegals.  Yes this may offend some of you but that is ok.  It is only the truth.   Yes is is necessary to put this in this post as well.  The reason is because I hope someone will read it and take note on what their illegal actions can cause for others not only themselves.  The person that hit them had no drivers license, no insurance, and no green card and could hardly speak a lick of English.

You see on the night of October 6, 2008 my life and many others were changed forever.  That night I lost my daughter, my grandchildren lost their mother, my children lost their sister, my brothers and sister lost their niece and my cousins lost a cousin.  But what we lost was more than just a person.  We LOST a piece of our world, our heart, our life.

Heather was full of joy, love and happiness along with all the other emotions that we all go through.  She was special in every way.  She was a young mother who adored her children and her family.  She was going to school to become a nurse because she wanted to help people.  She never got in trouble, she believed in people, in love, in life.  She was a unique person to say the least.

There isn't a day that goes by that she isn't missed.  She will always be missed and the subject of a conversation in everyday life.  I pray for her every night and wish that I could just see her and hold her again.  That her children could see their mommy and know that she loves them.  That will never be the case because she is now in Heaven with her Nana and her Papaw.

She IS MISSING all of her childrens first.  Their first day at school, their first game, their first parent/teacher conference, their first award ceremony, their first crush, their first race day at school, their walk across the stage at graduation from kindergarten, middle school, high school and college, their walk down the isle to marry the love of their lives.  Their First Everything!!!!!!

This is a picture of the day that Heather brought home her son Aadyn to meet his big sister Kaylee.  The reaction from her was priceless.  From that moment on she was by his side and a protector.  She did the exact same thing that Heather did when I brought her baby sister home from the hospital to meet her.  Talking about Deja Vu.  It was so precious.  I knew from that moment that the bond they had was going to be unbreakable.

Today Kaylee is with her father and Aadyn is with his father.  I haven't gotten to see them in 5 years now.  I haven't gotten to talk to them either.  We miss them just as much as we miss their mommy.  I can only hope that they still get to see each other and know that their mommy loved them very much.  I pray that everyday I will be able to get on facebook and find pictures of them and that their dads and other grandparents will share them on facebook so that I and the rest of the world can see how they are growing up.  I know that they both look like their mom and that they are a constant reminder of Heather for them.  I just pray that they are being taken care of and loved as much as Heather loved them.

So in closing I am attaching the below poem that is perfectly said and to let everyone know that We still Love and Miss Heather and her children everyday.  Please keep us all in your prayers as this day is especially harder for us then most in our journey to learn to live without her in our lives.

****thank you Connie Foust for sharing this on the web. ******