Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hello everyone and Happy New Year.  May it be blessed with love, laughter and great fortune.

So every Wednesday I try and hook up with Joyce over at From This Side of The Pond with her Wednesday Hodgepodge Series.  It is interesting to see some of the questions and answers.  So please join in on the fun and get to know your fellow bloggers.  So be sure to link up with her on her site and enjoy the reads.

Here we go-

1. Times Square is the setting for the infamous ball drop signaling a brand new year....when did you last 'drop the ball' on something?
  When don't I seem to drop the ball so to speak.  I am horrible at keeping my desk organized and feel that is by far my biggest issue.

2. What is one thing you resolved to do in 2013 that you actually did?
    To clean my garage.  Yes it may seem like it isn't a big deal but if you had seen my garage you would know it most certainly was.  It took me and the hubby about 4 hours to clean it.

3. Jack London is quoted as saying, "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." Agree or disagree? Why? 
    Hmmmm...this is a hard one actually.  I guess I would be stuck in the middle on it.  Sometimes you have have all the best intensions but lack the motivation.  Then there are other times when you see something and you get your "awwhaaa" moment that gives you all the inspiration  you need to get moving or to get it done.

4. What was the best thing you ate in 2013?
     Well I don't know if it was the "best" for me but it was certainly one of the "best" things I have ever made.  Strawberries with Cheesecake in the middle...omg it was delicious.

5.  Share an anti-resolution...that is, something you plan to keep on doing in the new year.
     Getting on track with my finances.  I have been extremely horrible at this lately.  I haven't written in my checkbook register for over 6 years and with the internet and immediate access I don't need to.  However, I do need to get my credit cards under control and I have been working on that for a while.  It will still take me several months but I will get them to zero.

6. The Pantone color of the year for 2014 is radiant orchid.  Like or no like? Would I find this color anywhere in your home or wardrobe? Will you add something in this shade to either?
    I love Orchids and yes I like the color.  As for finding it in my wardrobe...absolutely.  I already have a t-shirt this color.

7. In three words or less sum up your 2013.
    It's finally OVER!!!!!!!!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
    I have to say that 2014 is going to be a better year.  My daughter is home and is having a baby.  It is due 4 days after her birthday and 6 days before mine.  I am planning on losing alot of weight but I won't kid myself about it.  I know that it is going to take alot of hard work and dedication that I honestly have a hard time finding.  As for my blog I plan on doing more with it and eventually getting into the Youtube videos that my sister-in-law keeps on me about.