Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Letters

Well today has been the first day I have been able to do a blog all week.  Man what a week it has been.  We are short staffed at work so I have been on overload trying to fill in and get things done.  Not to mention is is end of month and end of year here.  Then to top it all off, I can't store 2013 stuff until the Auditors come and do their thing.  So I finally get to do my Friday Letters.

Dear God,  thank you for keeping me and my family safe on our way to work this morning.  It was super crazy on the drive in due to snow.

Dear Mother Nature,  really?  Come on enough already.  It is either freezing cold as in the 20's, snowing unexpectedly, raining or a perfect day with no wind and lots of sunshine and weather in the 50's.  What is going on with you.  Stop having these mood swings.  I am done with you already so just stop it.  Either one or the other and not all in the same week.  I was not liking the drive to work this morning.  It took me over an hour and still half the people I work with aren't here.

Dear Kevin and Marie,  I hope you both get to feeling better soon.  I hate that you all are sick and I am keeping you both in my prayers.  Love and Miss you all.

Dear Scott and Kisha,  I am glad that Jackson is doing better.  I will continue to pray for you guys and for Super Cooper.  I know Scott was freaked out because that is his baby.  Love and Miss you guys.

Dear Vicky and Brandon,  I am glad to see that you all are getting along.  I know it isn't easy living at home with mom but we are doing the best we all can.  Now just to keep the house straight is another story.

Dear Trent,  I just wanted to say that I love you and thank you for being so patient and understanding with me and the kids.  I know we all can't be easy to live with at times but you are doing a great job as a husband, provider and stepdad.

Dear self,  get your act together.  You can do this you just have to buckle down, step out of your comfort zone and own the Avon Business like you have in the past.  Get out of your funk, start exercising and don't worry about the little things.  You got this.  You have done it before and you can continue to do it now!!!!!

Dear Sonye',  Thank you so much for all of your words of encouragement and support.  You are truly a blessing and great friend.  Even though we are mostly co-workers/business partners I still consider you my friend and it is an honor to say I know you.

Dear Courtney,  thank you so much for being my mentor.  You truly do have my best at heart and I want to be sure that you know you are greatly appreciated.

Dear Avon,  bring on the incentives.  I have won the Keurig, missed the Ipad, not sure about the mustang yet but I am certainly going for the popcorn maker and big screen t.v. that you are giving away for recruiting.  Thank you also for making so many peoples dreams become reality.
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Dear Blogger friends,  thank you for stopping by and visiting.  I would like to be able to get to know each and everyone of you and I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed weekend.