Saturday, December 14, 2013

Win a 2014 Ford Mustang!!!!!

Good morning everyone.  Today I am writing to tell you about all the great things that Avon is doing for it's Independent Sales Representatives.  Everyone in the United States knows about Avon.  Did you also know that Avon is in over 100 different countries and provides the experience of owning your own business to over 6.4 million Men and Women?  Yes that number is 6.4 MILLION!!!!  That is alot of people selling Avon and sharing the wonderful opportunity that Avon has to offer everyone.

However, it still amazes me when people find out that I sell Avon and their response is that they haven't seen an Avon book in years....ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????  OMG, there is alot of missed opportunity out there for people to be making money.  But this post is about so much more.

Avon is having alot of great incentives.  The newest is a BRAND NEW 2014 FORD MUSTANG CONVERTABLE.
Yes ladies you see it correctly.  All you have to do is join Avon and place 3 orders of $50 each.  How easy is that.  With only a $10 investment to get started with Avon you have a chance to win this beauty.  Do you realize that if you go to the store and buy all of your essentials such as shampoo, deodorant, body wash, lotion and make-up that you are cheating yourself?  You would spend at least $70 at a department store or more at a designer store.  With Avon you could spend that same $70 and save $28 with your discount and still be eligible to win the Mustang.  Yes you are throwing money away.  You not only start your own business for $10 but you also get 40% off your first 4 orders and you get entered for a chance to win this beautiful car.

So tell me does your company that you work for offer you this type of incentive?  I would say absolutely not!!!!  But wait if that isn't enough to entice you to join Avon keep reading.

How about a free Keurig?  Yes I have won the Keurig and I have to say that I love it.
Not only did I win the Keurig K75 Platinum but I also got the water filter, 2 Avon Mugs and a 12 pack sample pack to go with it.  I mean seriously who can get a Keurig for only $10?  ME that's who.  You too can get great prizes as well for only $10.

Avon is always doing great things like this for their representatives.  So why not join me today and get entered to win this wonderful car.  You can join me no matter where you live in the U.S. by going to my link Here Avon Opportunity and get started today.  I can assist you in helping you grow your business and getting all of the latest and greatest product available all while putting money in your pocket.

Oh did I mention that you also get a FREE WEBSITE for people to shop 24/7/265 and you still make money on it?  So don't delay get started today.