Sunday, December 08, 2013

Saturday Gathering and Gift Exchange

Happy Sunday!!!!  Today it is cold and snowing outside so I thought I would take this time and tell you about yesterday.

I was invited to do a gift exchange from our District Assistant with Avon for her church.  I had never been to one before so I thought it would be a great way to get out and meet some new people.  All I had to do was buy 8 gifts all the same and bring them with me.  The amount I wanted to spend was totally up to me.  I bought 8 sets of nail polish for $5 each.  Not bad.  I spent a whole $40 on 8 gifts...wooohooo.   Some of the gifts were even hand made.  I have to say I was nervous and totally unsure what I was going to be walking into.  However, I knew that Kim wouldn't put me in a situation I wasn't comfortable.

 Below is a picture of the items in which I choose.  Now there was no rhyme or reason for the gifts or any questions or stunts that had to be done in order to get a gift.  It was really rather simple.  Each person that came in got a name tag.  On the tag was  picture of either bells, wreaths, trees or stars.    We all went in groups according to the picture on our name tag.

 So in the collage you will see the items that I picked.  The Grey and Pink is a handmade knitted scarf.  You will also see a pair of gloves with a red bow on them.  Now the gloves came with a mini loaf of Pumpkin Spice Bread which I gave to my husband yesterday to eat.  The top right I thought was a neat idea and it is basically a piece of material with beads sewn on it with a button and a loop at the other end to wrap around your coffee..So I picked the Grey one.  The bottom right picture is these adorable little Mason Jar type drinking mugs if you will with a straw.  They were just too cute to pass up.  As if I need another drinking glass/cup.  I have only about 30 mugs/glasses/bottles.

Now in this picture below I couldn't resist the Hershey's Box.  First I love me some chocolate so I will just get that out of the way.  But it is a recipe box with 99 different recipes in it.  So why not...I will try it and see what I like.  Who knows I might just do a video or another blog on one of them.  The top right is a mailbox with Santa on it.  Of course the ladies had it marked as a Christmas Card Holder but I believe that it can be repurposed into something else that I can use year round.  Not sure yet but we will see.  The bottom is Bath & Body Works Dancing Waters Anti-Bacterial Soap and a matching towel.

Now I know this is only 7 and that is because the last one was a cup full of Hershey Kisses and it didn't survive to photo  We ate them all.

So there were alot of great and cute gifts to be exchanged and I was having such a blast.  We eventually had to go around the room and introduce ourselves and give a Holiday Memory.  The one I shared was of Christmas 2006.  That is the last time that my entire family was together.  That isn't the only reason it was so memorable.  What made it memorable was that my sister-in-law Marie has a unique way of wrapping her gifts.  You see she takes empty boxes from around the house and puts the gifts in them.  My kids got a box of Crackers, Tampons, and Dog Treats one year.  The look on their face was priceless.  Of course that was just the boxes and not the actual gifts.

Time to get off of here and go grocery shopping.  I will post the neat dinner ideas we have come up with for the week.