Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Tuesday!!!!!!

Good morning and happy Tuesday everyone.  Ok well maybe is isn't a good morning if you have to get out in bad weather such as the pretty white snow that is falling in my area.  I love snow so I can't really complain.  I think it makes the world look beautiful, peaceful, clean and worry free for a short time.

However, this morning I didn't feel any of the love for the snow or the cold weather.  It is 18 degrees outside and that is extremely unusual for my area.  The last time we had weather like this was probably about 3 years ago and before that we had the Ice Storm of the century.  I have lived in Louisville for the majority of my life and I can recall a handful of times that it has really snowed like this.  So needless to say that most people here don't really know how to drive in this beautiful and peaceful snow.

So this morning I get up to go to work and mind you I didn't want to get up.  I stayed in the bed as long as possible.  Now I wish I would have just called in.  I went out to get in the car and warm it up only it didn't go as planned.  My driver's side door won't open!!!!!!  I tried everything and still nothing.  So I checked the other doors and they opened up just perfectly fine.  So needless to say that I had to crawl in my car from the passenger side and that was not making me happy.  I figured after driving to work which is only a 20 minutes drive except for today which was  a 45 minute drive, that it would open from the inside.  NOPE it didn't happen.  I just bought this car last week.  WTH is going on with this thing???? ERRRRRRRRRRRR is all I can say about that.  So I will be calling my big brother who sold me the car and finding out who the warranty is through because someone is going to fix my door.

Anyway, I am finally at work and of course it looks like a ghost town here.  I will not be busy at all so why I didn't call in is beyond me.  Meantime, I hope you enjoy this picture I took yesterday on break just outside of the building I am in.  It is always amazing to see how mother nature works and the beauty she allows us to see.

In closing please be safe out there and remember, you have someone depending on you and they love you.