Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving is now over

Well Thanksgiving is now over and the turkey is put away along with all of the fixin's.  Thankfully my sister-in-law Kisha cooked this year and I didn't have to.   I got to spend some time with my brother Scott and his family which is rare because we live over 6 hours apart and it is a drive, a nice drive but a drive all the same.

I want to say thank you to both Scott and Kisha for having me, hubby, my son Brandon and his girlfriend Emilee.  We really enjoyed ourselves even though I had to keep dosing on Zyrtec D.  But I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I totally love kitty cats and puppy dogs they make it difficult for me to function without allergy meds.  So now I am back home and doing laundry and enjoying my coffee.  

I didn't take any pictures which is unusual for me but I was just wanting to hang out with the family and enjoy some quality time together.  Even though my other brother and his wife or my daughter Victoria couldn't make it.  Besides Kisha took pictures and videos the entire time we were there.  If you want to check out some of the videos she took check out her YouTube Link here and see all of the holiday fixin's, prep work and fun with the family.

Before we headed back home to Kentucky today we stopped at my brothers work and signed the papers on this pretty little thing.  
Ok it isn't little it is Human Size as my husband calls it.  You see I had a Nissan Sentra that my brother also sold me about 2 years ago but it was so small that my husband  couldn't turn his head in it so I did most of the driving. 

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I hope everyone had a great and wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels no matter where you were or who you were with.