Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Rambles

So today is Sunday and I am not feeling the best. I slept on the couch for part of the night last night and woke up with a splitting migraine headache. I am not at all a happy or functional person when this happens but I have managed to stay up anyway.

My hubby fixed us brunch which was delicious by the way. Eggs with red onions and mozzarella cheese, hashbrowns and biscuits…yummy yummy for the tummy. <---insert smiley face here (which I tried to do but don't know how) I have been sipping on coffee since I woke up at 10. Yes I actually slept in which seems to be the norm for Sundays anymore. I don’t know why but I just can not drag my sorry butt out of bed on Sundays. I know I need to get up and go to church since we haven’t been in forever. Yes totally my fault. However, I keep telling my husband that he can go without me but he won’t.

Anyway, I have decided that I am going to be changing things with my blog. I have already started with taking down the negative posts that I put up there not to long about about being lied to and people blowing up my phone without leaving messages. Which both really irritate the crap out of me but it is totally unprofessional to post something like that. So from here on out I will refrain from doing so…or at least try to refrain from it anyway. After all we are only human and things happen to upset us and we want to scream it to the world. However, after much consideration I have come to realize that this may give someone power over you by letting them take up space in your blog, live and head. I am sorry but no one rents in my space for free.

I have gotten several books over the past month on trying to figure out this whole blog thing and to make my blog more marketable and a friendly space for all that would come across it. So far I have at least 6 books sitting here beside me and I still have no clue as to what I am doing or how to do it. I should get the book for dummies series but have you honestly sat down and tried to read one of those? I have and I swear I needed a PhD to figure that thing out. I am a more visual and hands on person so if you show me I can do it but if I read it…well lets just say that takes longer for me to understand. As if you couldn't tell by this blog post. There was suppose to be a smiley face in the 2nd paragraph and this was suppose to be some pretty typing style but I have managed to fail at that one. I even have it open and typed in a word document so I could copy and paste but that didn't work out well either. So NEXT!!!!!

As I said earlier, I still have a migraine but it isn't as bad as it was thanks to the 5 ibuprofens that I took when I got up this morning but it is still there nonetheless. I should be outside helping my husband with raking leaves but because I don't feel good he told me to stay in the house and get to feeling better. Apparently I look just as bad as I feel if not worse. I am so glad that I have one of the world's greatest husbands in the world. I know some of you will disagree and that is ok because we are all a little bias when it comes to our significant others.

So I am going to close this out for now but I will be back later once I get to feeling alot better and do a post about my Avon Business, how it is working for me, how it can work for you and all the wonderful products that we have for everyone in the family. This is not Your Mother's Avon Anymore.

Till next time I hope you all have a wonderful and Blessed Sunday.

P.S. after previewing this post before publishing it...I noticed that on here the spacing and punctuation are correct. However, when I click on it to publish it isn't. I don't know why and honestly my head hurts way to much for me to figure it out right now.