Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful Thanksgiving

I wanted to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the best family that I could ask for. I wish that we all could be together but we are spread out across the states. My daughter called me last night or should I say this morning and told me that I was going to be a grandma again. I was shocked to say the least but I will support her and help her the best I can.

I am also thankful for being able to have a wonderful husband who also sticks by me no matter what. We are currently at my brother and sister-in-law Kisha who fixed an awesome dinner for us. My brother who is helping me get a new car tomorrow, my son who brought his girlfriend with us. My daughter was supposed to be here but she couldn't make it. Which blows but I still got to talk to her.

I do miss my mom, daughter Heather, grandkids and my other Brother and sister-in-law. I wish they all could have been here but at least they are with use in spirit and heart. I am totally thankful for being allowed to wake-up and enjoy my family.