Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hello...It's been awhile and ramblings

Well it has been a long time since I have blogged and thought that I would do a quick one since it has been so long. I have been busy with my Avon sales, meetings, and recruiting. I have been talking to my sister-in-law Kisha and she has suggested new ways for me to earn with Blogging and You Tube. But I still haven't done any of it yet.

Well today I got a call from my daughter Victoria who will be 23 tomorrow and she asked how I felt knowing that her 2nd daughter is going to be 23 tomorrow. I answered with "well I woke up in pain, hurting all over and feel like crap does that answer your question", of course she laughed at me. It is hard to believe that my children are all adults. My oldest daughter died before she could turn 20 and she made a huge impact on those that she meet and is still making an impact on them to this day and it has been almost 5 yrs. Every time I turn around it seems I am either seeing something that reminds me of her or getting a message on facebook from one of her friends that still keep in touch with photos of things that Heather would have loved. That is what just happened a moment ago and made me decide to open up my blog page and post this. One of her best friends Krista Meadows Metwally decided to sign up under me with Avon. For only $10 you can't really go wrong even if it is just for your own personal use. You get 40% off your sales guaranteed on core products for your first 4 campaigns. Ok this blog is not really about recruiting but I had to give the history on this. So last week when I signed Krista up she asked me if I wanted a license plate or something that was Pink with Brown Polka Dots because that was Heather's favorite for some strange reason. I told her yeah but I didn't know what I wanted just yet. So today I log into facebook after watching the movie Looper and this is what I saw....

This is just what I needed today I think. I miss her so much everyday and to know that she is no longer with us or her children kills me inside but all I can do is keep the faith that I will see her again one day. She was such a wonderful loving caring daughter, sister and mother. SO many people who knew her could tell you the same but since you don't know them you will have to take my word on it. I do believe that I am going to have Krista make this into a license plate and put it in my display case of Heather and my mom. You see my mom died of stage 4 lung cancer less then 4 months after she was diagnosed and my daughter Heather was the 1st born of 10 grandkids and was the closest to my mom. She went though a really shitty break up with her boyfriend who was a master liar and would have made any sales person jealous on how easily convincing he was. Heather got depressed and went on a motorcycle ride with s guy she only knew for about an hour. A car full of Illegal Mexicans pulled out in front of them and then back into them causing them to hit the bike and throwing my daughter 500 feet through the air before she came to a stop. It was the most horrible night of my life. My mother just died not to long ago so I was still trying to deal with all of that and my other daughter Victoria was the first to get the call from the lady that seen it all happen. She found Heather's phone and started dialing numbers till she got ahold of someone in the family. I got to the scene shortly after they took my daughter away and they wouldn't let me leave until someone came to drive me. It was horrible. Horrible to know that my daughter was going to die and that I couldn't stop it. Knowing that not a damn thing was going to happen to anyone involved in the accident and btw nothing ever did happen to them and it pisses me off still to this day. Knowing that because of Heather's father I don't even get to see my grandchildren and they are living in two different parts of town because they were from different fathers.

But since there is nothing that can be done and trust me I have tried to see my grandchildren but the law says I don't have any rights. It at least gives me some comfort to know that she had so many friends that loved her while she was here and still loves her even though she has been gone for almost 5 yrs. They still check in on me from time to time and always have a good story to tell about her or what she would say or do in a situation....I raised a great daughter along with the rest of my children. So I want to say Thank You to Krista for making this and posting it on my facebook page and Thank You to all of Heather's Friends. She would be so proud that all of you have kept in touch with me since she left us. I even made a website in memory of my daughter that you can check out HERE if you would like. I am still working on it and don't complete understand how to change it all. It isn't as easy as using Blogspot but I am working on it. It is her name as the domain and I pay for it every year.