Monday, April 08, 2013

Ranting about Student Loans and Health Insurance

Ok I know some of you might think that I am a bit off of my rocker on this one but this is something that really burns my ass!!!!!!! My son moved back home after living with his uncle for several months and has been checking into getting into a college. That is great I am all for a higher education. However, what I am not happy about is the fact that the school is requiring mine and my husbands information to determine his eligibility for Financial Aid. Our income has nothing and I mean absolutely NOTHINGGGGGGGGGGGG to do with his education. He is by law an adult at the age of 18 and yet they still want our information. I remember when I went to college over 10 yrs ago they didn't ask for my parents information and frankly it wouldn't have done them any good. Neither of my parents had worked in years but that is besides the point.When my daughter Heather who is passed now signed up for college 5 yrs ago they didn't ask for my information then.

The point is son is 18 which by LAW he is an adult, he can ENTER into a BINDING contract, he can go to JAIL, he can BUY cigarettes, he can STAY OUT all hours of the night, he DON'T have to report to me (but will if he knows what's best)and he can SIGN UP for the MILITARY. So I ask this simple question....Why do they need MY INFORMATION?????????? Can anyone explain this to me? After doing research it says that it is to determine "OUR" contribution to his education expenses. Uh hello, I can't even afford my own damn expenses let alone his student loan. I am already paying on a student loan for myself and will be paying on it for the next several years. Not to mention that I am getting ready to be &^(& on HealthCare because of OBAMA! I don't understand how that idiot got re-elected as President. I mean seriously, EVERYONE has to have Health Insurance but forcing us to Have it is a whole different ball game in and of itself. Employers with less than 50 people have the option of paying a fine and not providing it or passing the cost on to it's employees. Now I don't know about most of you out there but have you priced insurance lately? Yeah I have and let me tell you what, I don't see how anyone can afford it. Companies get a big Tax write off for it but us as citizens we don't. We can barely afford life insurance, car insurance or home/renters insurance. How the hell does he expect us to afford Health Insurance. Now I am sure most of you are probably cursing at your screen right now and wanting to give me a piece of your mind and that is ok. Trust me I do the same thing at times but honestly what the Hell has this Country come to? If we can't afford it then we can get "State Assisted Health Insurance" uh yeah ok right like that is going to happen. Let me tell you all something, I have applied for "State Assisted Health Insurance" before when I was employed with 3 kids and a grandbaby on the way and guess what I was told....."Well you don't qualify since you have court ordered child support". What are you kidding me???????? I didn't receive child support for 2 years and after that statement I was told that "if you don't receive support in the next 3 months come back and we can see what we can do" again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I don't think that mandating Health Insurance is the answer. I think the answer is mandating pricing on what the hell we get charged for. This January I had surgery on my hand for carpel tunnel and was charged $31 for a sling. Yes I said $31 dollars and if that isn't bad enough listen to these numbers...for a pain pill I was charged $5 each for a total of 4 however, I only received 2 but they aren't going to correct that at all because they are always right. For recover I was charged $72 a minute to lay in a bed for 30 minutes when they charged me for 65 minutes. Again, they won't correct it. For the pre-surgery visits I had to have was even worse. I was charged $185 for an office visit and $85 for the doctor to read the results. Uh hello, you could have sent me the damn result on a piece of paper and only charged me $20 for that not to mention the visit was less then 15 minutes. How in the hell do they justify the pricing is what I want to know. I am a valuable employee but you don't see my employer paying me that much money do you? I sure as hell don't. So it is not Health Insurance that they need to mandate it is Pricing that they need to Mandate.

Ok enough about the Health Insurance. I can't understand how the Department of Education can force a parent to provide their information for their childs financial aid qualifications. Who is to say that my son will be living here in 4 or 5 months? Then what if he decides to drop out of college am I still going to be responsible for his Loans that he took out? This is why it pisses me off so much. I am not by any means rich and I am not by any means poor however what I am is a struggling wife and mother who everyday has to decide which damn bill I will be paying next and how I am going to be doing it. Yes I do sell Avon on the side and work full time but I should not be penalized nor held responsible for my sons decision to go to college when by LAW he and he alone is responsible for his actions. Yes if I would have planned better in life then maybe I could have saved up for him to go to college but trust me when I say this...up until I married my current husband I literally drew names on who and what was going to get paid. I couldn't pay for everything and therefore I lost my house, my car, everything of value and my credit still hasn't recovered.

So if any of you out there know how to help me or where to turn please tell me because right now it isn't looking good at all. I filled out the application online for the FAFSA and I only included my information on it and not my husbands because I don't think it is fair to him to include him when he has nothing to do with bringing my son into this world. Now you may disagree with me and they may come back at me and say I have to provide it at which time I will be writing a rather nasty ass letter to the so called President of our great country. As a matter of fact I think I will write him one anyway.

So we will see how this goes but I am not going to hold my breathe on any of it for the Government will *&^*( you any and everyway possible. I am sorry if I seemed to be jumping around on this post but it just seriously burns my ass to think that we HAVE to provide and be helf RESPONSIBLE for something that is not ours nor has anything to do with us. Ok rant over. I do hope however that everyone has a blessed night and a great Tuesady.