Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Busy Busy and Opportunity Opportunity

This past couple of weeks has been very busy. I have attended a bunco party that went to midnight on a game night....ohhh my head was pounding when I left but I had fun. Then I meet a lady at Staples when I was waiting to get some stuff printed and she was looking for an Avon lady which I was happy to be for her and she needed someone to bring awareness to her Outreach Program she was starting for the deaf community. So I gave her a book and she gave me a flier and now I will be attending her open house on April 6th to introduce Avon and the opportunity as well as starting a fund raiser for her.

While at bunco I presented a fundraiser to the lady that owns the place and hope to hear back from her soon. I got several new customers as well. I passed out books in my neighborhood and managed to get a new customer that way as well. To top it all off, I had 2 meetings one Monday and one Tonight and got recognition at both of them for being a Unit Leader and growing a great team that absolutely rocks at sales.

I am still looking for new customers to help me reach my goal of becoming a Presidents Club Member and winning a trip to Hawaii. I have till April 4th to make it. I need people to go to my site here and look at the brochure and place an order with me. I will pay for shipping if people would order for direct delivery or email me their orders. I have set up a PayPal account so that I can get people to help me make my goal happen. I have even sent my daughter in Texas 3 bags of Grippos and Avon brochures so that she can get her friends to order as well. I am going to go tomorrow at lunch and do some recruiting and hopefully I will get some recruits as well as customers. For every $1 dollar spent on an order I get 2 points for it so I will place the order and send it out that is why I set up a PayPal account so I can make every dollar on every order count double. We have alot of great products and huge huge deals coming up. I will do a post on that tomorrow. So hopefully some of you readers on here will help in making my dream to go to Hawaii all expenses paid come true. If you are thinking about becoming an Avon Representative or know someone who is they can go online at my site and put in trinaoneil and I will be there to help and guide them on their journey of becoming Financially Independent. Avon truly is a wonderful company to work for and you are your own boss, set your own hours and write your own paycheck. Everyone has heard of Avon and it has a 100% money back guarantee so they have nothing to loose!! PLUS PLUS PLUS there is NOOOOOO inventory to keep or Quotas to meet like other companies have. The cost to start the business is only $10, so if you know of anyone who is looking to make an extra $300-$500 a month then send them my way.

Ok I have gone on long enough. I am going to get some rest. My hubby is waking me up at 4:30 in the morning before he goes to work. So I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and a great week.