Friday, March 08, 2013

Avon Specials and Spring Deals

I wanted to do a post tonight and share with all of you out there some of the great things that Avon has to offer. As some of you know, I have been selling Avon for just a couple of months and I have come upon an exciting opportunity to win a FREE all expenses paid trip with Avon. I need your help to achieve this goal. So I hope that the items I am going to show here will inspire you to log onto my website and shop around. We currently have a special on shipping as well. All order $10 or more will ship for free until 3/11/13 and all you have to do is enter code DAYLIGHT13 at check out. Seriously you can shop from home and have it delivered right to your front door. If I can make it to President Club Member status by the end of the month I will win the trip. I am half way there and am looking to achieve that goal. By achieving this goal I will be the first in Avon that I have heard of to achieve such an honor in such a short time. It usually takes people a year or longer to achieve this.

As you can imagine I am excited for this opportunity that has been presented to me considering that I have been laid off of my full time job in January and then had surgery and just started back to work last week. So I have been out of work for over a month and Avon has been able to keep me going and focused. So I ask that you please share this post and my website address with all of your friends and family and help me make this goal a reality. You can shop my site or if you are local to the Louisville, KY area you can call me direct and place your order that way as well.

So I am going to be sharing some pictures of some of the exciting things in this campaign and hope that you will find something you like. If you have used the product that I am sharing please feel free to share with me your thoughts on it. I am always looking to learn more of what everyone likes and don't like and the whys behind them. So here we go:
This is so cute and fun for the Little Princesses out there. I myself have ordered the tote and used it for my Avon brochures. Plus you have these wonderful bath time products for both boys and girls. So make bath time fun again.

Then we have these most comfy slippers in the world. I wear them all the time and even where them when I go out to the store if I don't feel like putting on my shoes. But if you don't want the slippers you always have the awesome Jewelry deals and styles that are in fashion. Take a peak at these great deals for all of us women.
If these fashion accessories don't catch your eye I don't know what will. You have sassy, sophisticated, and everything in between with these and that is just a few examples. Now ladies I know we all love to go to the salon and pamper ourselves with a manicure and pedicure but why should we have to use their services when we can do it right in the comfort of our own home. You can save that money you would spend at the salon and do it yourself at home in your time and not feel rushed. Plus the money you will save you can get this little black dress that we should all have in our closets. Check out these great amazing colors and deals.
Last but not least lets not forget about our make-up and our tan. Do you have freckles that you don't like to show, splotchy skin or uneven tones. Don't worry about it. Avon has something for that also. Here is some more great deals. Pay close attention to the Mascara ladies. This is one product that you don't want to be caught without!!!

Out of all these products there is one thing that should be a staple in every make up kit and that is this wonderful item here and that is the Eye Make Up Remover and the Make Up Remover wipes. I can't tell you how much time these two items have saved me. They are one of the greatest products ever out on the market. But you should see for yourself. At a very affordable and unbelievable price.

There is so much more to show you but I don't want to bog everyone down with all the pictures. So hop on over to my website and take a look around.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope that you have enjoyed these suggestions. If you want to know more about Avon or how you can get started selling then contact me and I can get you started. We can get you started online no matter where you live. The income potential is unlimited and the products are great as you can see they are certainly in style and with the times. We have something for every one and home items such as these as well. Check out our home section also:

You can also see videos that my sister in law did over at The Glamorous Life of a French Houseweife as well.