Saturday, March 30, 2013

Amazing Deals Awesome Colors and A Great Cause!!!!

Good morning. I am amazingly not doing my normal routine on Saturday which is doing laundry. I was fortunate enough to get off work early yesterday and get a head start on laundry so I could sleep in today which I did and it felt great!!!!! I haven't done a post in a while so I thought I would do one this morning on the great items that AVON has on sale this campaign. So here we go.

First let me say that you get FREEEEEEE shipping on any order till tomorrow. You have to enter EASTERFREE at check out. Now how many places can you shop and they give you FREE shipping? I don't know about you but unless you place a specific order size you don't get free shipping. Well this campaign they are offering it for Easter. How great is that!!!! We also have alot of great deals and cute colors and items that we are offering as well. We have something for everyone regardless of your gender. So without further delay here are some of the ones that I have picked out. But you can browse my entire online store here and see for yourself.
First lets start with the this amazing gift giving idea for Moms or any important woman in your life regardless of their relationship to you.
You get all of this for only $24.99 with a $20 purchase. How incredibly amazing is that!!!!!!!!! It is valued at over $122 and is yours for the taking at only $24.99 with a $20 purchase. Yes I know I repeated myself there but it is worth repeating!!!!!!
Next up we have the pretty new colors:

How adorable are some of these colors and how amazing your nails will look. They will certainly create a buzz about the colors not to mention the great price. I mean seriously you can't hardly buy 1 polish for this price.

This is an awesome deal!!!!! The newest member of the lip family is the Kissable and man it is amazing. The way it makes your lips feel is unbelievable!!!! Again a deal you can't pass up. Did you see the price?????? Uh hello, seriously amazing deal here on this one. I highly recommend it if you buy nothing else and trust me your lips will Thank you for it.

Can we just say that it is awesome!!!!! I have used just about every mascara Avon has to offer and I think that this is by far the best they have ever had. I know you think I probably say that about all of them but each one is certainly better then the last. I don't need to use the lash curler with this one at all which I have had to do with others in the past. I keep this one in my purse.

Now we can't forget our foundation ladies. I don't normally buy compacts when it comes to foundation because I prefer the liquid. However, out of curiosity one I decided to buy a cream to powder foundation compact and it has truly changed my way of doing my make-up. I keep it in my purse which is more convenient for me then lugging the bottle of foundation. I can easily put my makeup on when I am in a hurry and freshen up anytime. Here is an amazing deal as well. You buy one and you get a second for only $5.
So these are some really great deals for our nails and make-up but what about the rest of our style and beauty????? Well we got that covered as well. Check out these amazing item.....

These are just a few of the colognes and perfumes that we offer. We offer something for everyone when it comes to the smell goods. So now that we got these important things out of the way lets continue with Style and Accessories along with some of our pampering items and traveling items.

Then last but not least I want to include something very specail and dear to most women's hearts and that is Breast Cancer Awareness!!!!! We must not ignore this ladies. I have only known one person who has ever had it till I started a new job and now I know more. I know we never think it will happen to us but it could happen to any of us. So I ask that you take a look at this and help support the cause.

I will be doing a Women's Fair in May and it will be about Beautifing Women. I will be displaying both Avon products and Breast Cancer Awareness which shocked the lady when I told her that I would also be putting Breast Cancer stuff at my table. She was extremely touched by that.