Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Little Girl that made my heart melt!!!!!

I was out doing Avon business today and I stopped by one of my reps houses to give her a prize that she won in one of my contest for my representatives. I came upon this little girl and she had a shaved head. I didn't say anything about it but she did and it broke my heart. She said "I know we are both bald" talking about her and her little brother. I said that is ok you still look beautiful and she replied "no I don't, I want a wig and I asked the Easter Bunny to get me one. Do you want to see the letter I wrote him?" of course I said sure. So I choked back my emotions and I read the letter. It was sweet but I knew she was going to face another heartbreak tomorrow when the Easter Bunny didn't bring her a wig. I did continue to tell her that she looked beautiful and that there are people all over the place that grow their hair out every year and then shave their heads and donate it to people who can't grow hair or who have cancer. She still didn't like the fact that she was bald and looked different.

So now I am on a mission to try and find this little girl a wig that was close to her same hair color which was strawberry blonde. I have no clue on how much they cost or anything else but I am sure going to try and find her one and get it for her. I know that if she had a disease that caused her hair loss then she would be able to get one for free but that wasn't the case here. There was other circumstances and now she doesn't have any hair. Not to mention she is only in the 1st grade and all the kids at school are making fun of her. How horrible is that? I mean seriously kids can be so cruel to one another. What happened to all of the kids getting along and being raised with respect and compassion? It drives me crazy to think that kids are so cruel sometimes. I just want to reach out and smack the holy shit out of their parents for raising them that way. But I have to realize that not everyone is raised with the same circumstances, love, respect or attention as I and that is ok. I am not trying to Judge anyone but I can't understand how kids are so cruel.

I don't know how much wigs cost or how they are sized or any of that but I am damn sure going to try and do my best to get this little girl a wig so she won't get teased and so she can feel better about herself. So if anyone out there has any suggestions on where to look or where to go locally in Kentucky please let me know. I would love to make this little one smile again. So I would appreciate any help or information.