Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Little Girl that made my heart melt!!!!!

I was out doing Avon business today and I stopped by one of my reps houses to give her a prize that she won in one of my contest for my representatives. I came upon this little girl and she had a shaved head. I didn't say anything about it but she did and it broke my heart. She said "I know we are both bald" talking about her and her little brother. I said that is ok you still look beautiful and she replied "no I don't, I want a wig and I asked the Easter Bunny to get me one. Do you want to see the letter I wrote him?" of course I said sure. So I choked back my emotions and I read the letter. It was sweet but I knew she was going to face another heartbreak tomorrow when the Easter Bunny didn't bring her a wig. I did continue to tell her that she looked beautiful and that there are people all over the place that grow their hair out every year and then shave their heads and donate it to people who can't grow hair or who have cancer. She still didn't like the fact that she was bald and looked different.

So now I am on a mission to try and find this little girl a wig that was close to her same hair color which was strawberry blonde. I have no clue on how much they cost or anything else but I am sure going to try and find her one and get it for her. I know that if she had a disease that caused her hair loss then she would be able to get one for free but that wasn't the case here. There was other circumstances and now she doesn't have any hair. Not to mention she is only in the 1st grade and all the kids at school are making fun of her. How horrible is that? I mean seriously kids can be so cruel to one another. What happened to all of the kids getting along and being raised with respect and compassion? It drives me crazy to think that kids are so cruel sometimes. I just want to reach out and smack the holy shit out of their parents for raising them that way. But I have to realize that not everyone is raised with the same circumstances, love, respect or attention as I and that is ok. I am not trying to Judge anyone but I can't understand how kids are so cruel.

I don't know how much wigs cost or how they are sized or any of that but I am damn sure going to try and do my best to get this little girl a wig so she won't get teased and so she can feel better about herself. So if anyone out there has any suggestions on where to look or where to go locally in Kentucky please let me know. I would love to make this little one smile again. So I would appreciate any help or information.

Amazing Deals Awesome Colors and A Great Cause!!!!

Good morning. I am amazingly not doing my normal routine on Saturday which is doing laundry. I was fortunate enough to get off work early yesterday and get a head start on laundry so I could sleep in today which I did and it felt great!!!!! I haven't done a post in a while so I thought I would do one this morning on the great items that AVON has on sale this campaign. So here we go.

First let me say that you get FREEEEEEE shipping on any order till tomorrow. You have to enter EASTERFREE at check out. Now how many places can you shop and they give you FREE shipping? I don't know about you but unless you place a specific order size you don't get free shipping. Well this campaign they are offering it for Easter. How great is that!!!! We also have alot of great deals and cute colors and items that we are offering as well. We have something for everyone regardless of your gender. So without further delay here are some of the ones that I have picked out. But you can browse my entire online store here and see for yourself.
First lets start with the this amazing gift giving idea for Moms or any important woman in your life regardless of their relationship to you.
You get all of this for only $24.99 with a $20 purchase. How incredibly amazing is that!!!!!!!!! It is valued at over $122 and is yours for the taking at only $24.99 with a $20 purchase. Yes I know I repeated myself there but it is worth repeating!!!!!!
Next up we have the pretty new colors:

How adorable are some of these colors and how amazing your nails will look. They will certainly create a buzz about the colors not to mention the great price. I mean seriously you can't hardly buy 1 polish for this price.

This is an awesome deal!!!!! The newest member of the lip family is the Kissable and man it is amazing. The way it makes your lips feel is unbelievable!!!! Again a deal you can't pass up. Did you see the price?????? Uh hello, seriously amazing deal here on this one. I highly recommend it if you buy nothing else and trust me your lips will Thank you for it.

Can we just say that it is awesome!!!!! I have used just about every mascara Avon has to offer and I think that this is by far the best they have ever had. I know you think I probably say that about all of them but each one is certainly better then the last. I don't need to use the lash curler with this one at all which I have had to do with others in the past. I keep this one in my purse.

Now we can't forget our foundation ladies. I don't normally buy compacts when it comes to foundation because I prefer the liquid. However, out of curiosity one I decided to buy a cream to powder foundation compact and it has truly changed my way of doing my make-up. I keep it in my purse which is more convenient for me then lugging the bottle of foundation. I can easily put my makeup on when I am in a hurry and freshen up anytime. Here is an amazing deal as well. You buy one and you get a second for only $5.
So these are some really great deals for our nails and make-up but what about the rest of our style and beauty????? Well we got that covered as well. Check out these amazing item.....

These are just a few of the colognes and perfumes that we offer. We offer something for everyone when it comes to the smell goods. So now that we got these important things out of the way lets continue with Style and Accessories along with some of our pampering items and traveling items.

Then last but not least I want to include something very specail and dear to most women's hearts and that is Breast Cancer Awareness!!!!! We must not ignore this ladies. I have only known one person who has ever had it till I started a new job and now I know more. I know we never think it will happen to us but it could happen to any of us. So I ask that you take a look at this and help support the cause.

I will be doing a Women's Fair in May and it will be about Beautifing Women. I will be displaying both Avon products and Breast Cancer Awareness which shocked the lady when I told her that I would also be putting Breast Cancer stuff at my table. She was extremely touched by that.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Busy Busy and Opportunity Opportunity

This past couple of weeks has been very busy. I have attended a bunco party that went to midnight on a game night....ohhh my head was pounding when I left but I had fun. Then I meet a lady at Staples when I was waiting to get some stuff printed and she was looking for an Avon lady which I was happy to be for her and she needed someone to bring awareness to her Outreach Program she was starting for the deaf community. So I gave her a book and she gave me a flier and now I will be attending her open house on April 6th to introduce Avon and the opportunity as well as starting a fund raiser for her.

While at bunco I presented a fundraiser to the lady that owns the place and hope to hear back from her soon. I got several new customers as well. I passed out books in my neighborhood and managed to get a new customer that way as well. To top it all off, I had 2 meetings one Monday and one Tonight and got recognition at both of them for being a Unit Leader and growing a great team that absolutely rocks at sales.

I am still looking for new customers to help me reach my goal of becoming a Presidents Club Member and winning a trip to Hawaii. I have till April 4th to make it. I need people to go to my site here and look at the brochure and place an order with me. I will pay for shipping if people would order for direct delivery or email me their orders. I have set up a PayPal account so that I can get people to help me make my goal happen. I have even sent my daughter in Texas 3 bags of Grippos and Avon brochures so that she can get her friends to order as well. I am going to go tomorrow at lunch and do some recruiting and hopefully I will get some recruits as well as customers. For every $1 dollar spent on an order I get 2 points for it so I will place the order and send it out that is why I set up a PayPal account so I can make every dollar on every order count double. We have alot of great products and huge huge deals coming up. I will do a post on that tomorrow. So hopefully some of you readers on here will help in making my dream to go to Hawaii all expenses paid come true. If you are thinking about becoming an Avon Representative or know someone who is they can go online at my site and put in trinaoneil and I will be there to help and guide them on their journey of becoming Financially Independent. Avon truly is a wonderful company to work for and you are your own boss, set your own hours and write your own paycheck. Everyone has heard of Avon and it has a 100% money back guarantee so they have nothing to loose!! PLUS PLUS PLUS there is NOOOOOO inventory to keep or Quotas to meet like other companies have. The cost to start the business is only $10, so if you know of anyone who is looking to make an extra $300-$500 a month then send them my way.

Ok I have gone on long enough. I am going to get some rest. My hubby is waking me up at 4:30 in the morning before he goes to work. So I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and a great week.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Into Savings with these offers

Is this winter finally over? We have done the Spring Forward change on our clock so lets give our skin a Spring Forward as well!!! Here are just a few of my pics from this campaign with Avon. There is tons of savings and tons of colors in this one and alot of Must Have's. Here are just a few of the one's that I thought everyone should see:

We have something for our lips and hands which we know are two of the most important parts of our bodies ladies. We always want them to be touchable and kissable. Then we have childs play for our little one's and last but not least we have our most desirable parts that we need to keep soft and glowing. Don't let this winter keep you from being your softest and most glowing. Why should we rush off to the tanning bed when we can have an amazing glow without all the expense? We shouldn't have to pay so much for beauty and glamour. With Avon you get amazing prices, amazing products and delivery right to your door on your time. Seriously WHAT more could you ask for!!!!

If these items aren't must have's and you want more color and fashion then don't worry we have that also. Just log onto my site here and take a look around. This isn't your grandmother's Avon any longer.

Avon is:
The company that puts mascara on lashes and food on tables and kids through college, that fights wrinkles with one hand and Breast Cancer with the other. That knows the value of a perfect lip, but still opens its mouth and speaks out against Domestic Violence and for women's financial independence. This is the company that not only brings beauty to doors, but also opens them. That company that supports 6 million Representative in over 100 countries. This is Avon. The company, that for over 125 years, has stood for beauty, innovation, optimism and above all for women.
That is what AVON is and who we are. So stop by and take a look and see what Avon has to offer you. If you have been considering selling Avon then contact me and I can get you started. We don't have to be in the same state for me to sign you up. I can get you going with a small fee of only $20 online and you will get all your supplies via mail. Again, what company can offer you your own business with UNLIMITED EARNINGS without you having to go through the process of interviewing? No other company can do that for you. That is how serious Avon is in helping Women become independent and successful in their lives. So let me help you get on the road to financial independence and freedom.

Not to mention Avon offers unmatched support and training. Best of all Avon recognizes its people and the success they achieve. I am currently working on winning a trip to Hawaii from Avon, yes you read that right Hawaii. I am asking for everyone's support in this. I need to get some orders placed through me to reach my goal. I have set up a Pay-Pal Account so that I can make that possible. If you want to place an order I ask that you contact me direct either via at or contact me through my site and tell me your order and I can place it for you. I will split the cost on shipping which is a flat fee of $5 on your part and then I pay the rest. For every dollar that you spend on an order that I place on your behalf gets me 3 points closer. Every order that is placed on my website is counted as 1 point per every $1. I need a total of $2000 in sales that I place in order to win it.

If you would like to have a e-party or a catalog party for me that would also help alot. I would give a generous host package to you if you are interested. Again, just let me know. Also I am doing a gift basket give away for anyone that places an order of $25 or more. So you see I have tons of great offers all you have to do is scoop them up.

Hopefully I can count on everyone to help me achieve this goal. I have never been to Hawaii and would love to go. Seriously who wouldn't want to win an all expense paid trip to Hawaii??????? Everyone would love to win something like that and I am no different.

So ladies help me out with this and I can promise you won't be sorry. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will answer them all as quickly as possible. I hope to be hearing from you soon. xoxo

Friday, March 08, 2013

Avon Specials and Spring Deals

I wanted to do a post tonight and share with all of you out there some of the great things that Avon has to offer. As some of you know, I have been selling Avon for just a couple of months and I have come upon an exciting opportunity to win a FREE all expenses paid trip with Avon. I need your help to achieve this goal. So I hope that the items I am going to show here will inspire you to log onto my website and shop around. We currently have a special on shipping as well. All order $10 or more will ship for free until 3/11/13 and all you have to do is enter code DAYLIGHT13 at check out. Seriously you can shop from home and have it delivered right to your front door. If I can make it to President Club Member status by the end of the month I will win the trip. I am half way there and am looking to achieve that goal. By achieving this goal I will be the first in Avon that I have heard of to achieve such an honor in such a short time. It usually takes people a year or longer to achieve this.

As you can imagine I am excited for this opportunity that has been presented to me considering that I have been laid off of my full time job in January and then had surgery and just started back to work last week. So I have been out of work for over a month and Avon has been able to keep me going and focused. So I ask that you please share this post and my website address with all of your friends and family and help me make this goal a reality. You can shop my site or if you are local to the Louisville, KY area you can call me direct and place your order that way as well.

So I am going to be sharing some pictures of some of the exciting things in this campaign and hope that you will find something you like. If you have used the product that I am sharing please feel free to share with me your thoughts on it. I am always looking to learn more of what everyone likes and don't like and the whys behind them. So here we go:
This is so cute and fun for the Little Princesses out there. I myself have ordered the tote and used it for my Avon brochures. Plus you have these wonderful bath time products for both boys and girls. So make bath time fun again.

Then we have these most comfy slippers in the world. I wear them all the time and even where them when I go out to the store if I don't feel like putting on my shoes. But if you don't want the slippers you always have the awesome Jewelry deals and styles that are in fashion. Take a peak at these great deals for all of us women.
If these fashion accessories don't catch your eye I don't know what will. You have sassy, sophisticated, and everything in between with these and that is just a few examples. Now ladies I know we all love to go to the salon and pamper ourselves with a manicure and pedicure but why should we have to use their services when we can do it right in the comfort of our own home. You can save that money you would spend at the salon and do it yourself at home in your time and not feel rushed. Plus the money you will save you can get this little black dress that we should all have in our closets. Check out these great amazing colors and deals.
Last but not least lets not forget about our make-up and our tan. Do you have freckles that you don't like to show, splotchy skin or uneven tones. Don't worry about it. Avon has something for that also. Here is some more great deals. Pay close attention to the Mascara ladies. This is one product that you don't want to be caught without!!!

Out of all these products there is one thing that should be a staple in every make up kit and that is this wonderful item here and that is the Eye Make Up Remover and the Make Up Remover wipes. I can't tell you how much time these two items have saved me. They are one of the greatest products ever out on the market. But you should see for yourself. At a very affordable and unbelievable price.

There is so much more to show you but I don't want to bog everyone down with all the pictures. So hop on over to my website and take a look around.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope that you have enjoyed these suggestions. If you want to know more about Avon or how you can get started selling then contact me and I can get you started. We can get you started online no matter where you live. The income potential is unlimited and the products are great as you can see they are certainly in style and with the times. We have something for every one and home items such as these as well. Check out our home section also:

You can also see videos that my sister in law did over at The Glamorous Life of a French Houseweife as well.