Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Dilemma

I have been out of work now for a month due to the economic conditions and I have to say it is really starting to make me feel like a failure. First off I didn't feel so bad because I had to have surgery on my left hand for carpal tunnel and I knew it was going to keep me off for about a week. Ok no big deal. Well I get my splint and stitches out 10 days later only to fall 2 days later on the left hand and split open my wound again. Great another week with not being able to really do anything. So there is 3 weeks that I can't lift anything over 5 lbs or anything that would strain my wrist. Which btw didn't make me happy at all but it happens right? I have NEVER been out of work for so long. I was with my last job for 11 yrs and figured that would have to count for something when I started looking again. But NOOOOOOOOOO it doesn't. Why do you ask? Well it is simple. Every place I have applied for wants a "Titled" position, you know Manager, Supervisor, Customer Service Rep, Accountant, etc. Even though I have a management degree I have never actually held the Management Position so I got creative after meeting with a temp service and put "Office Management Professional" which sounded good to me. Technically I wasn't lying I do have a degree and I have done the management work in regards to being the decision maker when my manager wasn't around. I have done Customer Service work considering I have had to deal with customers on a daily basis rather it was internal or external and I was the Accounts Receivable clerk for 11 yrs. So ok I have all of those things covered. Yeah well that doesn't cut it. Can you say WTF???????

I have done the same job for 11 yrs, I have handled all the things my boss asked me to do that wasn't my job such as coordinate paperwork for the benefits at work, order office supplies, handle all the Motor Vehicle registration, transfers, titles and taxes, sat on the 401K Committee, scheduled travel plans, scheduled meetings, handled legal documents for liens and court cases, collections of over $1.2 Million a month, and yet did not hold the Management or any form of a management title. You would think that even though I haven't had the title that with my experience I would be able to find someone willing to give me the opportunity to utilize my degree and my 11 yrs of experience to get the title but that isn't happening either. However, I am not giving up. I am still applying for any and every job that I can find that is asking for the type of experience that I have. It is tough though to find someone to give you a break and let you show them what you can do. They are so stuck on titles that it isn't even funny. I applied at a place once and when asked if I had the actual title they were looking for I said no and they told me that even though I had all the other qualifications they were looking for without the title they couldn't hire me. So my next question was "how can I get the experience and title if no one is willing to give me a chance to get it?" and the response was simple "I don't know what to tell you". Well that was 15 yrs ago and today I am still running into the same problem. I guess I should have used the employment services at my college when I got my degree to get a placement in Management but honestly I thought I would be able to get the chance for advancement at the company I was with. They however, didn't seem to let that happen no matter how much I tried. So here I sit 6 yrs after getting my Degree still trying to get that "titled" position of management or even a job to advance into some sort of management.

So onto my dilemma that I mentioned. Yesterday I get a call from my employer of 11 yrs asking me to come back to work at the same rate of pay....woooohooo I won't be unemployed is what I was thinking. Then I called and talked to the owner's son. I was quickly disappointed. He offered to bring me back at the same rate of pay with no more than 30 hrs a week AND no guarantee that in 3 weeks I would still be there. Can you say SHIT!!!! I did. I explained to him that I really wanted to come back to work but if he can't guarantee me that it is permanent then it would only put me in the same position I am in now which is collecting unemployment. It took 3 weeks to get approved for unemployment and if I come back only to be let go again then it would take another 3 weeks. Apparently my boss has been out for 2 weeks now due to stress and being hospitalized over it since I left. The job that I was doing has now been dished out to 4 people and they still aren't doing the entire job that I was doing. I had to do spreadsheets everyday for the accounting portion of it and the only 2 people that knows how to do it was me and the manager. Well since neither of us are there it hasn't been done in some time. So they were basically wanting me to come back and teach them how to do the spreadsheets. Which is where the dilemma really kicked in. I wanted to go back and help but at the same time after weighing the pros and cons of it I realized that it wouldn't benefit me in anyway whatsoever. So I sent back a proposal to them as follows: I can come in and do a training class at $500 on the spreadsheets since that is what they really need, OR I can come back at the same pay, with a minimum of 30 hrs a week, guaranteed employment for at least 6 months with the option of moving into management. I know this is not what they wanted to hear however, I could not risk loosing the unemployment for what they were offering which was the same money as unemployment without a guarantee that I wouldn't be let go in 3 weeks. It was bad enough that the one person they brought back was the receptionist at a full 40 hrs a week and a pay cut considering that everyone and I mean everyone complained about her before. Yet they brought her back instead of the one person that they seem to really need.

I am in no way saying that I am not replaceable because apparently I am but it does bit my ass that they brought back the one person that didn't and couldn't' do her job right to begin with. She sat up at the front desk and watched Hulu on her computer all the time, roamed the halls and the warehouse constantly, didn't answer the phone half the time, showed up late a third of the time and was in the kitchen cooking a full course meal at least 5 times a day. So in the reality she was maybe at her desk a quarter of the time. Not to mention she came in drunk every other day it seemed. But because she is an African American they didn't do anything about it. SO now she is back at work and I am not. Hopefully though after the email was sent to the owner's son they will take into consideration the skill set I have and the fact that I am the only one besides the manager that can do the spreadsheets then they will take one of the 2 offers I presented them with. Preferably the second one so that I can get my experience I need to move onto another job.

This company has been good to me and I was in the process of getting ready to look for another job anyway just because of the politics bullshit that was happening but to be caught off guard like we all were is beyond bullshit. They used the excuse of having the lowest sales in 8 yrs and the economic conditions has forced them to cut jobs. Well I can honestly say that just by cutting the receptionist job and splitting it between the 4 office girls left they would have saved over $45K a year. Yes you seen that number right the receptionist was making over $45K a year. I mean seriously that is way more then what any of us girls were making and we did 95% more work then she ever did. Yet we still got more work piled on us and no more pay for it and she did whatever the hell she wanted and never never got in trouble for it. But apparently someone is seriously confused on a good employee vs. a bad employee. Now it seems they are paying for their choices of letting the better workers go. At this point they don't even know when and/or if my boss will be back and if he does come back his role will be extremely different.

Don't get me wrong the company has been great to me in the past. When my mom died in April 2008 they paid for her obituary because I didn't have the money. They paid me for 40 hr weeks even though I only worked 8 hrs a week while I was on FMLA and was letting me work from 1:30 a.m. to 3 a.m. while my mom was asleep. Then when my daughter was killed in a motorcycle accident on October 6, 2008 they took up a collection to help me with expenses for her children, paid for her burial plot and gave me the week off. I can honestly say I don't think other companies would do that but they did. So I am extremely grateful to them for that. But I am not at all happy about the situation they have put me in. They took me off collections and turned it over to our sales people in the field and everyday since they did that they were on my ass about the collections and what was being brought in. I begged my boss to give me back collections and they wouldn't do it. I collected over $1.2 Million a month every month for 9 months straight and in one of those months I actually collected over $1.8 million. Since they took the collections away from me they have collected $1M one time and $1.2 Million one time. So needless to say the logical choice would be to give it back to the person who could collect above the quota of $1.1 Million a month but they wouldn't do it. So even though I need my job back and liked the majority of people there I don't see me going back. I will be curious on seeing if they accept either of my proposals.

Well enough ranting about all of this and that. I need another cup of coffee and then today I am going to organize my computer room and contact the temp agency that actually has a job that will give me the opportunity for advancement. So I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day. I will be going out to eat tonight with my sweetie at Bucca di Beppo which is an awesome Italian Restaurant with a to die for cheesecake.