Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Heavenly Birthday to my daughter

Today would have been my daughter's 24th Birthday. She was the mother of 2 very beautiful babies. Miss KayLee Marie Jaggers Logsdon and Mr. Aadyn Christopher Nelson Durbin.
However in this picture they don't look none to happy because they hadn't had their nap yet. This picture was taken about a week before my mom aka Nana passed away. Heather was so full of life and she never met a stranger. No matter where she went she was always the center of attention. She was a great person, a great mother, a great daughter, a great niece and a great friend. Her friends still keep in touch with me till this day even though she has been in Heaven now for 4 years. It just goes to show that she was truly loved and is truly missed.
I just wish that her children would have gotten a chance to grow up with their mom. For them to be able to do all the first things together such as grade school graduation, proms, boyfriends/girlfriends, marriage. These are things that they will never get to experience with their mom because of a horrible decision on her part and the guy that was driving the bike she was on.

Heather decided one night that she wanted to go on a motorcycle ride with a guy she just meet that lived down the street from us. Unfortunately she didn't have a helmet on. A car full of illegals pulled out in front of them and then turned back into them when they were hit by them. Heather went flying off of the back of the bike and landed about 500 ft away. Her shoes were on the opposite side of the street from one another. The guy and the illegals weren't hurt and walked away. I however, had to bury my beautiful daughter.

I remember the call like it was yesterday. Her sister called me all upset yelling Heather and I stopped her and told her that they were both adults and needed to stop fighting. Her sister Victoria said "Mom NO! Heather has been in a bad wreck!" I lost it. I ran out the door with my house shoes on and headed straight to the site. Well the site that Victoria told me was the wrong one but was only about 2 miles down the road and I couldn't remember how to get there. Finally I got to the right accident site and damn near rear ended the fire truck that was on the scene. It was horrible like a scene from a bad movie. I threw my car in park and took off running. The fireman and cop tried to stop me but I told them that it was my daughter and kept running. I have to say I was scared and only wanted to hold my daughter and tell her it would be ok but they had already taken her in ambulance to the hospital.

The lady that found her found and called Vicky was sitting there in a white suv and she talked to me and tried to keep me calm. All I could keep saying was please tell me she is going to be alright and that I needed to get her shoes so she will have them when she gets out of the hospital. Everyone kept telling me that I couldn't have her shoes and when I asked the cop if I could have them he said no but I persisted. That is when he told me "ma'am you don't understand, she isn't going to need her shoes anymore". It still didn't register with me what they were trying to tell me. She had flat lined at the scene and they brought her back so being in shock I thought she was going to be ok. Then one of the illegals tried to get back in the car and I went after them but of course the cops stopped me and made me sit inside the suv with the lady that called to tell us about the wreck. She was doing her best to keep me calm but I was in such shock that I don't think anything would have helped. When I tried to leave the cops wouldn't let me and I told them that they may have a V-8 in their car but I beat their ass they wouldn't catch me in my little 4 cylinder Kia. Of course with that they really wasn't letting me go. I had to call someone to come get me from the scene because they wouldn't let me leave.

We got to the hospital and as soon as I walked in I heard Code Blue Trauma 9 which was the critical room in the ER at the hospital. I knew it was her. They kept calling for all of these specialist from radiology to neurology to cardiology for Trauma Room 9. All I could do was pray. Then the priest came out and I hit the floor. I begged him not to tell me she was gone. He didn't but did tell me she wasn't going to survive and offered to pray. I told him I wanted to see my baby and hold her hand. He agreed to take me and her Father only back to see her. The floor looked like a war zone with all the blood on it. I tried to walk around to her left side but they stopped me. I don't know why to this day but they would only let me stand on the right of her. She had a ventilator keeping her breathing but she was brain dead and nothing else they could do. She had 5 skull fractures, a broken nose, a punctured lung, a severed spleen and a lacerated liver. However she didn't look like she had just been thrown from a motorcycle at all. I remember laughing with her dad about her being pissed because she broke a finger nail that she just had done the day before. The hospital would only let us see her right hand a portion of her right arm. I remember her being so cold and telling them she needed more blankets. I didn't realize she was so cold because she had lost so much blood. The next thing I know we are being rushed out of the ER because there was more trauma victims from motorcycle wrecks coming in. I didn't want to leave her but they made me. About 10 minutes later the nurse came in and told me she was gone. I had been crying so much that I told her she was wrong and to go back and fix her. She hugged me and told me she was sorry.

There were alot of people there to support me and Victoria and I don't even remember half of who was there. All I can remember is begging God not to take her, yelling to my mom to not let this happen and to plead with God not to take her. I had already lost my mom, I couldn't loose my daughter too. But God has bigger plans and we just have to trust him. I still to this day can't seem to understand WHY he choose Heather. The guy on the bike was also in the ER but he wasn't hurt, he just knew that he was in a shit load of trouble and figured he would get off the hook if he went to the ER. Apparently his plan worked. To this day nothing has been done to him. He is a bad person and deserves to rot in hell for all he has done.

The hell that has followed since my daughter died is unimaginable. I haven't been able to see her kids, her father goes to the cemetery and throws anything and everything that he didn't put there away and when he put the Cross up at the crash site he told me "that is my cross and you are not allowed to put anything up there because you put nothing but trash up there"! You know what, he can go FUCK himself. He didn't have anything to do with her until she was 16 and for him to try and tell me I can't is a bunch of bullshit. He is a very manipulative person who has persuaded the children's fathers not to allow me to see them. But I know that in the end he will get what he deserves.

Here is the news article on the wreck. This is a video of Heather and Me going to get Payton Mannings autograph but he didn't show.

Ok I seriously need to get something done around this house. I know Heather would not want me to sit around all day and not get something done. She was very OCD about stuff. So my closing is this: I Love You Heather Nicole Jaggers and Miss You more then words can measure. Please feel free to stop by her website and leave a comment or message.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Dilemma

I have been out of work now for a month due to the economic conditions and I have to say it is really starting to make me feel like a failure. First off I didn't feel so bad because I had to have surgery on my left hand for carpal tunnel and I knew it was going to keep me off for about a week. Ok no big deal. Well I get my splint and stitches out 10 days later only to fall 2 days later on the left hand and split open my wound again. Great another week with not being able to really do anything. So there is 3 weeks that I can't lift anything over 5 lbs or anything that would strain my wrist. Which btw didn't make me happy at all but it happens right? I have NEVER been out of work for so long. I was with my last job for 11 yrs and figured that would have to count for something when I started looking again. But NOOOOOOOOOO it doesn't. Why do you ask? Well it is simple. Every place I have applied for wants a "Titled" position, you know Manager, Supervisor, Customer Service Rep, Accountant, etc. Even though I have a management degree I have never actually held the Management Position so I got creative after meeting with a temp service and put "Office Management Professional" which sounded good to me. Technically I wasn't lying I do have a degree and I have done the management work in regards to being the decision maker when my manager wasn't around. I have done Customer Service work considering I have had to deal with customers on a daily basis rather it was internal or external and I was the Accounts Receivable clerk for 11 yrs. So ok I have all of those things covered. Yeah well that doesn't cut it. Can you say WTF???????

I have done the same job for 11 yrs, I have handled all the things my boss asked me to do that wasn't my job such as coordinate paperwork for the benefits at work, order office supplies, handle all the Motor Vehicle registration, transfers, titles and taxes, sat on the 401K Committee, scheduled travel plans, scheduled meetings, handled legal documents for liens and court cases, collections of over $1.2 Million a month, and yet did not hold the Management or any form of a management title. You would think that even though I haven't had the title that with my experience I would be able to find someone willing to give me the opportunity to utilize my degree and my 11 yrs of experience to get the title but that isn't happening either. However, I am not giving up. I am still applying for any and every job that I can find that is asking for the type of experience that I have. It is tough though to find someone to give you a break and let you show them what you can do. They are so stuck on titles that it isn't even funny. I applied at a place once and when asked if I had the actual title they were looking for I said no and they told me that even though I had all the other qualifications they were looking for without the title they couldn't hire me. So my next question was "how can I get the experience and title if no one is willing to give me a chance to get it?" and the response was simple "I don't know what to tell you". Well that was 15 yrs ago and today I am still running into the same problem. I guess I should have used the employment services at my college when I got my degree to get a placement in Management but honestly I thought I would be able to get the chance for advancement at the company I was with. They however, didn't seem to let that happen no matter how much I tried. So here I sit 6 yrs after getting my Degree still trying to get that "titled" position of management or even a job to advance into some sort of management.

So onto my dilemma that I mentioned. Yesterday I get a call from my employer of 11 yrs asking me to come back to work at the same rate of pay....woooohooo I won't be unemployed is what I was thinking. Then I called and talked to the owner's son. I was quickly disappointed. He offered to bring me back at the same rate of pay with no more than 30 hrs a week AND no guarantee that in 3 weeks I would still be there. Can you say SHIT!!!! I did. I explained to him that I really wanted to come back to work but if he can't guarantee me that it is permanent then it would only put me in the same position I am in now which is collecting unemployment. It took 3 weeks to get approved for unemployment and if I come back only to be let go again then it would take another 3 weeks. Apparently my boss has been out for 2 weeks now due to stress and being hospitalized over it since I left. The job that I was doing has now been dished out to 4 people and they still aren't doing the entire job that I was doing. I had to do spreadsheets everyday for the accounting portion of it and the only 2 people that knows how to do it was me and the manager. Well since neither of us are there it hasn't been done in some time. So they were basically wanting me to come back and teach them how to do the spreadsheets. Which is where the dilemma really kicked in. I wanted to go back and help but at the same time after weighing the pros and cons of it I realized that it wouldn't benefit me in anyway whatsoever. So I sent back a proposal to them as follows: I can come in and do a training class at $500 on the spreadsheets since that is what they really need, OR I can come back at the same pay, with a minimum of 30 hrs a week, guaranteed employment for at least 6 months with the option of moving into management. I know this is not what they wanted to hear however, I could not risk loosing the unemployment for what they were offering which was the same money as unemployment without a guarantee that I wouldn't be let go in 3 weeks. It was bad enough that the one person they brought back was the receptionist at a full 40 hrs a week and a pay cut considering that everyone and I mean everyone complained about her before. Yet they brought her back instead of the one person that they seem to really need.

I am in no way saying that I am not replaceable because apparently I am but it does bit my ass that they brought back the one person that didn't and couldn't' do her job right to begin with. She sat up at the front desk and watched Hulu on her computer all the time, roamed the halls and the warehouse constantly, didn't answer the phone half the time, showed up late a third of the time and was in the kitchen cooking a full course meal at least 5 times a day. So in the reality she was maybe at her desk a quarter of the time. Not to mention she came in drunk every other day it seemed. But because she is an African American they didn't do anything about it. SO now she is back at work and I am not. Hopefully though after the email was sent to the owner's son they will take into consideration the skill set I have and the fact that I am the only one besides the manager that can do the spreadsheets then they will take one of the 2 offers I presented them with. Preferably the second one so that I can get my experience I need to move onto another job.

This company has been good to me and I was in the process of getting ready to look for another job anyway just because of the politics bullshit that was happening but to be caught off guard like we all were is beyond bullshit. They used the excuse of having the lowest sales in 8 yrs and the economic conditions has forced them to cut jobs. Well I can honestly say that just by cutting the receptionist job and splitting it between the 4 office girls left they would have saved over $45K a year. Yes you seen that number right the receptionist was making over $45K a year. I mean seriously that is way more then what any of us girls were making and we did 95% more work then she ever did. Yet we still got more work piled on us and no more pay for it and she did whatever the hell she wanted and never never got in trouble for it. But apparently someone is seriously confused on a good employee vs. a bad employee. Now it seems they are paying for their choices of letting the better workers go. At this point they don't even know when and/or if my boss will be back and if he does come back his role will be extremely different.

Don't get me wrong the company has been great to me in the past. When my mom died in April 2008 they paid for her obituary because I didn't have the money. They paid me for 40 hr weeks even though I only worked 8 hrs a week while I was on FMLA and was letting me work from 1:30 a.m. to 3 a.m. while my mom was asleep. Then when my daughter was killed in a motorcycle accident on October 6, 2008 they took up a collection to help me with expenses for her children, paid for her burial plot and gave me the week off. I can honestly say I don't think other companies would do that but they did. So I am extremely grateful to them for that. But I am not at all happy about the situation they have put me in. They took me off collections and turned it over to our sales people in the field and everyday since they did that they were on my ass about the collections and what was being brought in. I begged my boss to give me back collections and they wouldn't do it. I collected over $1.2 Million a month every month for 9 months straight and in one of those months I actually collected over $1.8 million. Since they took the collections away from me they have collected $1M one time and $1.2 Million one time. So needless to say the logical choice would be to give it back to the person who could collect above the quota of $1.1 Million a month but they wouldn't do it. So even though I need my job back and liked the majority of people there I don't see me going back. I will be curious on seeing if they accept either of my proposals.

Well enough ranting about all of this and that. I need another cup of coffee and then today I am going to organize my computer room and contact the temp agency that actually has a job that will give me the opportunity for advancement. So I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day. I will be going out to eat tonight with my sweetie at Bucca di Beppo which is an awesome Italian Restaurant with a to die for cheesecake.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Link-Up Is here....Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Well the USPS has finally decided to deliver my Valentine Link-up from Jill at LePetit Hoot. I can say that I absolutely love it. I am one of the most unorganized persons in the world. I have to say that I absolutely love love love the pens that she sent. You can see all the items below. I am hopeful that these items will help in getting me organized lord knows I could use all the help I can get. lol. She included the cutest little note in with them and the packaging was adorable. Thank you Jill for all the items and I can promise I will be putting them to good use. The planner is perfect because I can transfer everything out of my big planner and keep this one in my purse and on me at all times. You would think that I would have everything on my phone but I am not the greatest at technology type things. It is still taking me a bit to learn how to do the blog.

Eventually I will figure out how to add buttons and other things to my blog but it won't be anytime soon. I did buy a book to help but yeah well it will take me a bit to say the least.

Ok so here is what I got today in the mail finally. This is the packaging.

Super cute with the teal tissue paper and the string to hold it all together.
Then we have the letter that she sent with it which was perfect. Wishing that the little goodies she sent me will help with my organization.

Then the inside was wrapped with string as well and it was a super cute and easy way to hold them all together for the packaging.

Then we have the planner, the paperclips with tabs to wrap around them for stating what it is attached to and then the pens.
Oh the Pens. I absolutely love Pink and Brown polka dots because of my daughter Heather. They were her favorite and I am always buying stuff like that to remind me of her. Even though she is in Heaven now with the polka dots it makes me feel a little closer to her.

Thank you so much Jill for all the items you sent me. I will be using them for sure.

This was so fun. I am excited to see what type of link-up we can do next. Getting surprises in the mail is the best when it isn't related to a bill.

I hope everyone has a great day and I will be posting more soon.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Not feeling so good today

Well yesterday I did another Avon event at the Oxmoor Mall here in town and got alot of names for customers and 4 more leads for reps. Delivered some Avon to customers afterwards and then ate dinner and turned in early.

Got up and went to church today and then went to lunch with the in-laws. Afterwards I came home and took a nap. Only to wake up sicker then a dog. I still ain't feeling good. My husband is waiting on me hand and foot because he knows I don't feel good. I was suppose to be doing laundry today after church but given the way I feel I won't be doing laundry tonight. I am honestly thinking about going back to bed here in a few minutes. I want to finish watching the friday episode of The Young and The Restless first. Tomorrow I should be feeling alot better and then I will be back at Avon stuff again.

Hopefully I will be able to recruit the 8 people that said they wanted to become reps. Wish me luck.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Exhausted!!!! Behind on Blogging

Well I was suppose to do my blog on the Valentine Link Up but I haven't gotten my stuff in the mail yet. Hopefully it will come tomorrow. :-(

On another note however, I have been doing Avon Recruiting the past couple of days and I am exhausted. I have 10 recruits under me and 4 more from tonight that I have to call and get scheduled to get signed up. I gave out about 30 books tonight on this one and less then 2 hours. So needless to say I am exhausted. Not to mention my back is killing me. I have forgotten how stressful it is on your back to stand for so long. I am used to sitting behind a desk 8 hrs a day and still feeling tired but not EXHAUSTED!!!!!!

Tomorrow I have another recruiting event at the local mall and hopefully after handing out all of these brochures I will get some great orders coming in. I am however getting more comfortable dealing with strangers which is something I really needed to work on. But I can't really complain. I am getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new people and dealing with the public again which I love doing.

Like I said though I am EXHAUSTED and am heading to bed. I am going to pop me a pain pill for my back and crash the hell out. I told my hubby not to wake me in the morning till about 9 which is sleeping in by 2 hrs from my normal Saturday schedule which I am up at 7 and doing laundry by 7:05 a.m. So I am going to get off of here and get me some sleep. I hope everyone has a great night and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to catch up on all of my blog reading.

Good Night and sweet dreams.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

My Avon Round Up Check them out

Shop my AVON store!: Here's a sneak peak at some of the latest products available at Avon.

I posted earlier that I would be doing an Avon blog with alot of great products on what we have to offer. There is way to much to include in a blog but I will give you a quick run down. But first here is something I didn't know until recently. Body Wash is better for your skin then Shower Gel because with Body Wash you get moisture and with Shower Gel you don't. Now I know some people prefer one over the other but I have always used Body Wash. I just don't like the way that Shower Gel makes my skin feel.

We have all heard or used Skin So Soft and of course when you mention it to anyone they will tell you how much they love it or need to get it or the many uses for it. Well we currently have a huge selling going on with it right now. Right now you can buy one and get one for $0.99 cents.

Can we say HUGE SAVINGS. Not to mention we have the free shipping on any order of $10 or more by entering code NOSHADOW.

So I have mentioned the great thing for our body and how to keep it moisturized. Now let me mention one of my favorite of all time products that I use every day. The Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser which is got the Allure Magazine 2012 Breakthrough Award. Did you know that when you use a treatment you are suppose to wait 10 minutes before putting anything else on your face. The reason is so it will have time to completely penetrate your skin and do what it is suppose to do. The things you learn from Beauty Advisors.

Right now it is buy one and get the second for $5.00. Now I don't know about you but I know a bargain when I see one and this is one. So I would suggest if you currently use this product then to stock up on it. Here is a tip as well. Just because you can use it on your face doesn't mean you can't try it on your hand. Huge Huge Huge difference for sure. There are alot of other great products for our skincare on my store as well but I don't want to bombard you with them all on here. This post would be majorily long if I did that.

With a $10 order you can also get the new Kissable lipstick for only $0.99. I mean come on a full size lipstick for under a dollar, that is INSANE but it is true.

Now what company can claim this about their lipstick? Avon can for sure. It is one of the best lipsticks out today. Then to even get me started on the rest of it is another story. I so wish I would have waited to get all of my make-up.

My favorite foundation is on sale for only $7.99 how flippin awesome is that. You can't even buy eyeshadow at the store for that price practically. Not to mention it comes in 17 different shades, and it was given the Healthy Beauty Award for 2012 by Self Magazine. Now that alone should tell you something.

So that is just a little taste of the four main things we put on our face and body that is a major savings. You should certainly check it out.

And if we move on to another area that we women love to show off, and I know this because I have spent a fortune on them....our hands. Ok more specifically our nails. Now mind you I have gotten manicures (fake nails) with the white tips because I didn't think that with having a desk job that nail polish would be a good option for me. Well fuss no more, here is a great product that Avon has come out with that is true to its word. I bought this and tried it and was extremely impressed. Not many products hold true to their claim but this product right here most certainly does.

I am not a very patient person when it comes to my nails drying but I have to honestly say that it does dry in 30 seconds.

So now I will move to our feet. I can't say enough about our foot work products. We have some for regular feet as well as for people that are Diabetic.

So there is several items to check out that make Avon truly a great value and a great time to try. Not to mention our other items in fashion and jewelry. We have a 100% Satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked so if you buy it and decide that you don't like it then you can always return it. Yes it is that simple.

Here are just a few of the great fashion items that we have for you to order.

So that is my run down on a few of my favorite things from Avon. I am curious to see if any of you out there use Avon and what your thoughts are on it. If you want to order any of the items I have listed or any of the other great items Avon has to offer then please visit my store and go shopping. You can have it delivered directly to your door for no Shipping just by using the code NOSHADOW. So go shopping and treat yourself to great Beauty. Click here and see what great things await.

Avon Giveaway Winner

Ok I know I am a day behind but honestly yesterday I was an emotional wreck day for me. I didn't want to do anything and basically I didn't. This year has started off rough for me as some of you might know. I lost my job of 11 yrs, I had surgery on my hand, I then fell and injured my hand after I got the splint and stitches out and I started Leadership with Avon, but what most of you don't know is this month FEBRUARY would have been my daughters 24th birthday. My husband told me I shouldn't be crying and feeling useless as I said I felt yesterday because Heather would not want that for me. She would want me to think about all the good memories of her and smile and enjoy life. So with that advise I cam going to try and do just that. So with that out of the way I am ready to announce the winner of the Avon giveaway.

As some of you know my sister-in-law Kisha over at The Glamorous Life of a French Housewife was doing a huge Avon Giveaway for me. The value of it is over $150 and all you had to do was go to my sight and place an order here to be entered. Avon has alot of great products and some cutting edge technology to match and compete with all of the top brands out there on the market. There are tons of reviews on them and alot of Celebrity sponsors such as Reese Witherspoon, Jon Bon Jovi (which I love), Fergie and of course Paula Abdul just to name a few. Right now Avon has alot of great offers as well and I will be doing a separate post on them in a few minutes.

SOOOOOOOOO the winner is Marie Jaggers of KY. She is the only one who placed an order and therefore by default wins. So congratulations to Marie. Your winnings are as follows:
Complete Fergie Collecction

Eye shadow in femme fatale quad

Fergie Cologne, Fergie Body Lotion and Fergie Shower Gel

Moroccan Argan Oil, Nail wear Red Revfeal and the Ultra Color Rich Plum Seduction Lipstick along with Clinical Eye Lift Pro, Plus Drama Mascara in black

Cutest Bag Ever

So again congratulations to Marie for winning. You are truly the greatest ever. I will get this to you soon.

I hope everyone stays tuned for the upcoming blog on all the great deals that Avon has to offer. They are some unbelievable deals and as always Avon has a 100% Satisfaction no questions asked return policy if you aren't happy with your product. So stay tuned.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Ready to go Crazy!!!

I have been off work now for 3 weeks and am ready to climb the walls. I am selling Avon but that just doesn't seem to be enough to keep me occupied. However, I currently do have 6 reps under me and I do have to get them all trained and assist them in getting their business going. Today I have decided to write a newsletter for my team which I have yet to come up with a name. I have never written a Newsletter before so it should be fun. There is just so much to tell them and I want to make sure I don't get them all cross-eyed with it. Since it snowed last night I am certainly not going out of the house unless I have to.

I am still recovering from my surgery on my left wrist and I thought I was going to be able to get out there and really hit the ground running since I had my splint off and my wound was healing great. Of course reality had a difference of opinion with me and it won. Monday when I had my splint taken off and the stitches removed the doctor told me to be careful and not to lift anything heavy for at least a month. OK no problem I can do that since that was the only restriction I had. However, come Tuesday everything changed. It had been raining all night and when I pulled in my drive from Mondays running I apparently parked to close to my husbands work van for him to be able to get out the next morning. Of course I didn't notice this until I seen him having trouble getting out of the driveway. Now it is raining cats and dogs outside and I was still in my pjs because after all it was only 6:45 a.m. and I decided I would run out to the car and move it. So down I went on my hand that I just had surgery on and ripped it wide open. So my day landed me back in the hospital for my hand thinking I broke something or damaged what had just been fixed in surgery the week before. Luckily neither happened, however, I am now back in a bandage and a splint. So yeah I have absolutely no motivation right now.

So now I find myself at home making cold calls more less to people that have expressed an interest in Avon in some form or fashion. Hopefully, I will be able to recruit more reps so that I can get a residual income going and not have to stress so much about working. My husband on the other hand wants me to work but he is being very supportive in the Avon adventure with me. He knows that a residual income is a good thing but right now he is looking at the big picture and the bills that need to be paid. So I am sitting here trying to put together a newsletter to help my team grow their customer base and give them much needed information. Obviously I need to put key dates in there for any meetings which I have yet to schedule as far as group training. Trying to figure out a date and location is going to be a big key part of it of course and with that it means trying to find someplace that is free for the time being. Especially considering I don't have a full-time job right now and I haven't received any compensation for the recruits that I do have under me. I am not sure when I will receive the money for recruiting them but hopefully soon. I know that the majority of them have an end sale campaign date close to mine which is the 6th of February however the campaign doesn't officially close until the 13th of February so I will probably not get a check until the 15th.

So if you know anyone in the Louisville Kentucky or Southern Indiana area that is looking to be their own boss, make their own hours and determine their own pay then please send them my way. I am always looking to help people become their best and right now we have alot of major incentives going on where they can earn free products, free supplies and free items, not to mention the trips and other products that they can get for selling Avon. You can have them email me at or they can go to my website here and contact me that way. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I will also be doing a on-line event with a girl from Thirty-One products soon to help promote both of our businesses.

Well I better close for now since I have to get my clothes out of the drier and try to get my house straightened up. I hope everyone has a great Friday.