Thursday, January 24, 2013

What A Great Day!!!!

Well today I slept in for a bit and then was back up at the Avon Center doing follow up calls for customers. I have to say it turned out better then I was expecting. I got 3 new reps signed up under me and an Event to go to Saturday before my training class at 1. So I guess being unemployed has turned out to be somewhat of a blessing. I even got a call from one of the guys from work looking for some cologne and he offered to take me out to lunch next week. Now I know what some of you are thinking and don't. This is one of the electricians that we used for work on the house and he offered me a job. There is no way that anything else would have been intended or implied. He wants to meet up so he can get the cologne samples from me and just catch up.

So I am well on my way of becoming a Unit Leader with Avon and I am so excited because that means a $500 bonus which I could really use right now. I have 2 more reps to sign this coming Sunday and Monday and I think they will do really well. I have sold Avon before and never thought about having anyone under me because I basically sold for my own personal use but this time is so different. Avon has tons of opportunity for me to advance and earn unlimited income. The support and recognition that you get from your upline and district managers is unbelievable and I am absolutely loving it. Not to mention all the new people that I get to meet and help along the way. So hopefully after Saturday mornings event I will be able to add several more customers and Representatives to my downline. I want to give a big shout out to my upline and district manager for believing in me and giving me this incredible opportunity because without them it wouldn't be possible.

Also I just seen where my sister-n-law has created an Alter Ego blog and I have to say I laughed when I read it. You go Kisha. Give that chic what she deserves.

The only bad part about today is that I broke a nail. Oh I was so mad it wasn't even funny. I have been trying forever to let my nails grow and now that they have they are extremely fragile. I went to pick up my coffee cup today and I hit the handle with my finger nail and it broke completely off so that was the only downside today. It isn't even bothering me that my husband didn't fix dinner so we are having cheese dogs for dinner because I am getting hungry.

Tomorrow I have to go deliver some more brochures and pick up a table for Saturdays even but it is a small table thankfully because I still have one hand in a splint till Monday morning. I can't wait to have this thing off of me because I think I have ripped open my stitches now twice because it stings but hopefully it isn't bad. I will have to wait and see what happens on Monday. Well I hope everyone has a wonderful night and a great rest of the week. Don't forget to stop by my Avon store here . Thanks again for stopping by and have a wonderful night.