Monday, January 14, 2013

What A Day!!!!!

Well today was the first full day of not having a job during a work day. It was kind of good. I slept in when I wanted to be up and out the door by 7:30 this morning which obviously didn't happen. I was going to pick up a co-worker that got laid off with me and we were going to go eat breakfast and then go to the unemployment office. Needless to say I woke up right at 8 and didn't get out the door till 8:45 and headed straight over and picked up Ms. Maggie to go to the unemployment office. Thankfully we didn't wait in line for to long but the process you have to go through is ridiculous. I had to make sure I got a computer next to Ms. Maggie because she is a little clueless when it comes to computers. She was our receptionist at work and mostly played on the internet and watched t.v. online.

We got through the initial part pretty quickly and I told her that she could finish the rest online at home and if she needed help I would come over and help her. I had to be careful because she likes to play dumb alot lol. Anyway, after we got done with the main part of the application process we had to put our info in for a resume. Well we both had one at home so I told her to come on and we could get out of there. We had been there for 2 hrs and we were both starving. She asked where we were going for lunch and I told her I didn't care as long as it wasn't oriental, so she suggested a place called Cottage Inn. Now I have lived in Louisville for 30 yrs and I have never heard of this place. It turned out to be at the corner of Eastern Pkwy and Bradley which is where my mom and I had a really bad wreck 23 yrs ago. Anyway, they had pretty good food and a really homie environment which was great. Before I could even say anything about paying Ms. Maggie told me she was getting it and not to even try to argue. So double bonus, I got to try someplace new and it didn't cost me a thing.

After taking Ms. Maggie home I came back to the house for a minute to grab some Avon that I was going to go mail out to Kisha over at the Glamorous Life of a French Housewife but was running later then I expected so I will head to the post office and send it out tomorrow. I had to be at the doctors office for my pre-surgery testing for my hand surgery on Friday. Needless to say I was there forever and will probably have to go see a cardiologist before surgery Friday. I have an abnormal Q Wave in my heart that they are concerned about plus they recommended getting a sleep apenia test done which isn't going to happy anytime soon. I snore I know this, I stop breathing sometimes when I sleep, I know this but so does my poor husband who has become very intimate so to speak with the couch. Poor baby he has to get up early and work with chemicals all day and he really does need his rest. Given that my insurance benefits are only good till the end of the month I don't see me having anything else done this month. So hopefully after surgery I will be able to work on losing weight and growing my Avon Business which you can check out here. You can order anything online and have it sent directly to your door. So please go check it out. Now that I am not working all sells are greatly appreciated.

So that was my day pretty much in a nutshell. Tomorrow I am going to the Avon Center and helping out there and hopefully will get some more leads and recruits. I hope everyone has a wonderful night and I will talk to you all soon.