Wednesday, January 09, 2013

So not feeling it today!!!!!!

Ok so today I wake up aching all over, no energy and all I want to do is go back to sleep. But instead, I drag my sorry sore ass out of the bed, get in the shower and head to work. Mind you I am 15 minutes late because I didn’t want to get up and damn sure didn’t want to get out of the shower. Either way, I am at work. Well today I went to the doctor for my carpel tunnel only to get there and find out I am a day early. Geez just what I needed today. Not only am I feeling like crap but I take out of work to go to the appointment only to find that I have to do it again tomorrow.

Today was supposed to be a good day, nice weather and a day to get things done. Instead, it is a crappy day. I don’t feel good, it is raining and as for getting what I wanted to get done today, uh yeah that isn’t going to happen either. My daughter Victoria borrowed my spare queen bed when she was living in Lexington with her best friend. Well my daughter decides one day that she is just going to up and move back to Houston and leave my bed at her best friends house. So I have been trying to coordinate a day with her and go pick up my bed but every time I do it seems to rain. Now some of you are probably thinking that since it is a spare bed to just forget about it if I don’t need it. Well I would however, I just bought the bed 3 yrs ago and paid over a thousand dollars for it. So yeah, no I am not just going to forget about it. I guess I will just have to wait it out and eventually get my bed.

Anyway, I am making this a short post and getting off of here so I can pretend to do some work today. Although I am looking for other employment because I just can’t handle this one much longer. I have been here for 11 yrs and am more then ready for a change.