Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Post Holiday Hodge Podge

1. What is one thing or area in your home or life you hope to report is completely organized when 2013 draws to a close? Do you have a plan to make it happen?
I would have to say my garage, office and spare room. As for plan there isn't one other then one day at a time.

2. What's the worst uniform you've ever had to wear for a job?
I would have to say White Castles, I loved the food but hated the uniform.

3. What was your last kitchen 'mishap'? This question comes to you courtesy of Betty who blogs over at A Glimpse into Midlife...everyone go say hi to Betty!
I would have to say frying an egg. My husband decided that we needed to have these really pretty stainless steel pans since all the cooking shows have them and the damn things caused everything to stick no matter how much oil or butter I used. It aggravated me to no end.

4. How do you protect yourself against other people's negativity?
I ignore it honestly and when I can't I just tell them to either do something about it or shut the hell up. If you do what you have always done then you will get what you always got.

5. Who in your family do you most resemble (physically)? If you have children, who do people say they favor? Do you agree?
I would have to say my mother may she rest in peace. As for my children they all seem to resemble me but the one that looks the most like me is my daughter Heather who is in Heaven with her Nana. This is them about a year before they both died the same year.

6. January 8th is National Bubble Bath Day...will you be celebrating?
Sorry I am a little late on this post but no I didn't celebrate it, I didn't even know it existed until now.

7. Some of the 'world's best winter festivals' are...Mardi Gras (New Orleans), Quebec Winter Festival (Canada), Sundance Film Festival (Park City Utah), Rio Carnivale (Brazil), Sapporo Snow Festival (Japan), Venice Carnival (Italy), and the Harbin Ice Festival (Northern China). Of those listed (and if cost were not a factor) which would you most like to attend and why?
Well I would have to say Venice Carnival only because it is in Italy and I have always wanted to go there.