Friday, January 11, 2013

Not such a good Friday after all

Well today turned out not to be what I expected. Everything at work was going great, all was calm and everything was moving right along. I have been with my company for over 11 yrs and at 4:25 my boss came in and asked if me and my co-worker would come up front for a meeting. Ok no big deal this isn't the first time that we have been called into a meeting. Well we walk in the meeting and there is 4 other people sitting there and my boss turns to my co-worker Tina and asks her to go answer the phones while we are in the meeting. She questions him about it because he wanted both of us in the meeting. His response was "well this don't concern you", of course I am not one to keep my mouth shut and I busted out with "oh great, this outta be good." Everyone in the meeting looked at me and asked what was going on. I had no clue which they didn't believe. I seem to know what is going on even when it don't involve me. So I continue to sit down and my boss closes the door.

Does anyone see where this is going? I sure as hell didn't. The receptionist who everyone has complained about for months (because she doesn't do her job half the time, the other half she calls in and to top it all off is paid way more then I am with no degree) and also has been there for 18 yrs, a senior supervisor who has been there for 15 yrs, a couple others that have been there for 5 yrs or less. The next thing I know my boss is explaining that because our sales were the lowest they have ever been in 8 yrs he had to make tough decisions that effected all of us in the room. I am thinking to myself "uh yeah they don't effect you though do they?" He then proceeded to tell us all that we are all on "temporary furlough" for a minimum of 4 weeks but he has a letter for all of us to go down and file for unemployment immediately on Monday. At this point I am about ready to lose it. I have been talking about finding another place to work because like I said I have been there for 11 yrs in the same position with no chance of advancement even though I have a management degree. Anyway, I have been through 5 other layoffs with this company and I know for certain that they don't bring people back once they are laid off.

None of us are in the sales area at work so why he would have laid us off is beyond me. They have recently hired 5 other people that they could have let go but instead they choose the ones that was always there no matter what we were doing. If they called and needed us then we would drop everything and go with the exception of the receptionist. Her getting let go I think was the biggest shock, my boss said previously when I asked him why she is still there that if he let her go that would be a lawsuit. So I guess now since the Fiscal Cliff, increase in insurance, more taxes coming out of our pays and the collections being so low he can justify it now. Eitherway, we are all unemployed. I guess the really messed up part is at the end of the meeting he tells us to take the next half hour and finish up whatever we were doing and to "have a good day" more less. Now most people in their right mind would have just gotten up and walked out the door and said screw this. But not me, I am as loyal as they come. My schedule is 7:30-4:30 Monday thru Friday. I went back to my desk, packed my stuff, and finished what I was doing when he came in and asked me to come into the meeting. I didn't get out of there till 5 p.m. and that was that.

My first call was to my husband and my second call was to my sister-in-law Kisha and told her what had just happened. Of course she nor my husband either one could believe it. My husband wasn't that upset because we are both workers and we can find jobs anywhere no matter what it is we will find work. I of course have all these scenarios running through my mind about bills, I have surgery coming up next Friday for my carpel tunnel, student loan payments, car payments and so on. Not to mention I took a loan before Christmas from my company to pay off a major bill. So I went to my boss and asked him about my loan and he asked how much I still owed, I haven't a clue to be honest, all I know is they take the amount out of my check that I tell them to for the length that I tell them to and then it is done. He told me not to worry about the loan that they will just put it on hold until I come back after the furlough. Well like I said, they don't bring people back so hopefully that means they are wiping my loan out. I asked about my insurance because of my upcoming surgery and he said that I still have it till the end of the month and it is paid for. That was great to hear but the fact that I have a $3000.00 deductible really sucks. Oh well I guess I will be paying monthly on it right along with the last deductible from my surgery last summer.

Not all is lost, I am actually ok with it. My other sister-in-law Marie said that her company is hiring plus I sell Avon. I don't make alot with Avon right now because I have only been doing it for about a month or two. The great news is that Avon is doing a HUGE recruiting event for a month starting on the 14th of this month and I have already scheduled 2 recruiting days with my District Manager. Well you better believe that I am sending her an email about all of this and am going to be going out everyday with her if possible. So for now I am not going to worry because I know that I have a skill set that is in demand and if all else fails I do know how to flip burgers. Hell my first job was working at White Castles on the Come Monday morning I will be filing for unemployment, sending out resumes tonight and just relaxing. One thing I know I am is a survivor and trust me I will survive. My mom always said to me "you can fall in a bucket of shit and come out smelling like a rose" and she is right. I will land on my feet because I have determination and drive. I mean after all I was unemployed and looking for a job when I found the one I just got let go of.

Besides God doesn't give you anything that you can't handle and what he does give you he walks you through it. I have survived, rape, being robbed, divorce several times, losing my house, losing my car, losing my mother and daughter in the same year so I know I can make it through this. No matter what life throws at me I will make lemonade out of the lemons.