Friday, January 04, 2013

My Mothers Heavenly Birthday

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!

Well today is a very special day for our family. This very day my mother was born 79 yrs ago. However, she has been celebrating it in Heaven for the last 4 years. On this special day every year my brothers and I would always spoil our mother. One brother would buy her lottery tickets, one brother would give her money and me, well I would take her to Bingo. She loved lottery tickets, every woman loves money and we both loved Bingo.

So today we are wishing our mother who is in Heaven a Happy Heavenly Birthday. I know that she is not alone for my daughter Heather (first born grandchild)is in Heaven with her and they wouldn't want it any other way. My mother, my daughter and I were all extremely close. Surprisingly when my mom died both my daughter and I handled it pretty well. I guess because we were sort of prepaired for it. My mom was diagnosised with Stage 4 lunch cancer on 12/28/07. Her survival rate was less then 1 percent within 6 months. This news was devastating!!!!!! The woman who held our family together, the one we all turned to including our friends, the woman who had worked at the roughest, toughest, meanest bar in the city of Louisville was going to die and there was nothing we could do to stop it. Our mother had been through hell and back in her life but no matter what her main priority was always her children and grandkids. She would do anything for anyone no matter if she had it or not she would find away to get it for someone. This is who my mother was

Our mom pasted away on April 19, 2008 which was less then 4 months from the time she was told the devastating news. She was never alone. One of us kids were by her side at all times except at night when she was in the hospital getting her medicine regulated to try and help her survive. Once she was released we brought her home and I took care of her around the clock. I am not going to sit here and take all the credit because my brothers and my children helped me when I needed it. They were all worried how I was going to handle her dying when she was always the one constant in my life and my personal cheering section in life. I managed to handle it just fine. However, in less then 6 months I was hit with one of the worst blows a parent could be hit with. My first born, the first born grandchild to my mother, a mother to 2 beautiful children KayLee and Aadyn was killed in a motorcycle accident. I remember that night thinking oh God no not my daughter too. I prayed, I cussed, I bargained, I pleaded and everything else in my power for God not to take her also. It didn't work. During all the pleading with God I called upon my mom to not let this happen either and to tell her to get her ass back to us. You see my mom used to always say "I can't take a crap without one of you kids up my ass", "I bet you won't even let me die and rest in peace will you?" and of course Heather always said no. Like I said they were like 2 peas in a pod

We had our mom cremated because she didn't want to be buried, she was closterphobic and didn't think that putting her in the ground was a good use of space. So for months she sat on my counter and every morning we would talk to her and tell her how our day was. When my daughter died, we all agreed that we should put her ashes in the casket with my daughter, her first born grandchild and they will be forever together. So we did and there are still times that I wonder if mom would have approved because she was so agrainst being buried. But I manage to put my mind at ease because we all know that she wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

So mom I want to wish you the very best Heavenly Birthday possible. I know you are in Heaven with Heather and God and you all are having a blast. Not to mention you both have your hands full taking care of those poor children who were murdered. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss the both of you but I know in my heart that you are always with me no matter where I go. You are who made me who I am today. You are the one that has taught me that no matter what things will get better. You are the one that taught me that strength doesn't come from muscles but from love and faith. You are the one that gave me life, love and lots of great memories. So for all that you have given me I thank you. God rest your soul and kiss my baby girl for me and tell her to keep watch over us all with you.

Love Always and Forever Your Children.