Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Little Visitor

I wouldn't normally do a post about something like this but I couldn't help it this morning. I have been putting out nuts for the squirrels in my yard to eat since it has gotten so cold and I have a front row seat to watch them out of my kitchen window. Now I know alot of people feed birds and stray cats and dogs but these little guys are so cute that I couldn't help but feed them. Not to mention that there was a really fat fat squirrel that kept coming up on my back deck looking for food. I haven't seen this squirrel in awhile and can only come to the conclusion that she must of had her litter by now. Did you know that a squirrel can have up to 5 babies at one time? Plus their gestation period is only about 38 days? Can you imagine only being pregnant for 38 days? Wow if only we humans only had 38 days instead of 40 weeks. But that is one of many things that sets us apart from our animal friends.

Anyway, my husband thinks I am batty because I feed them considering I ran over one about a year ago. I didn't mean to but that little sucker was running down the center of a one lane road in the country and didn't even try to get off the road. I felt bad but what was I to do. I sure wasn't going to stop and wait for him so I kept going and well he meet his maker that day. So now I put nuts out on my back deck and watch them eat. After all it is cold outside and the leaves have pretty much all gone from around us and they need to eat too you know. So I am attaching a picture of my little friend sitting on my deck railing enjoying the peanuts that we bought for him/her. Not sure if this one is a male or female but I am sure that it is a happy little squirrel. When I don't put them out on the railing I will catch the squirrel peaking its head up toward the window looking like "hey where are my nuts you crazy woman".

My little visitor has even chased off other squirrels when they have tried to come around and it was so funny to watch. They have ears like you wouldn't believe. They can hear me sometimes talking from inside my house as I stand in the kitchen and watch them out the window. I have tried to go out several times and put nuts out when they are out there but they just scurry up the tree like they are on a marathon. Needless to say they don't trust me and I can't blame them, after all it isn't their nature to trust humans. But this is my small part in helping save an animal in this big ole world of ours. I know they can be troublesome at times I am sure because I used to have squirrels living in the attic of a house I rented and they would keep me up running back and forth and then falling down through the walls. But it is ok. They are only doing the same thing we are doing, surviving day by day. So I hope you enjoy these pics that I took and remember that we are all in this big ole world together just trying to survive.