Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Me and today did not get along!!!!!!

Last night we had some bad storms and this morning when I woke it was raining cats and dogs. Since I got let go from my job I have had surgery for carpel tunnel and really haven't done much of anything in ways of getting out of the house. Yesterday was a different story. I went and delivered some Avon and by the time I got home last night my husband was already home. No big deal I just pulled in the drive and that was that. Apparently I pulled up to far in the drive and he didn't hardly have any room to get his work van out this morning without tearing up the yard from all of the rain. So I go out in my pj's and was going to move the car so he could get out. Next thing I know I am slipping and heading to the ground. What is a natural instinct when you are falling? Yeap that's right you want to catch yourself. So I put out my arm to catch myself and wouldn't you know it, it was the hand I just had surgery on. I thought at first I broke it but I got up and bounced in the car and moved the car so he could get out. I noticed something running down my arm and figured it was just mud or something.

I go to move my wrist which thankfully wasn't broken and noticed that what I was seeing running down my arm was blood. Yeap the stitches that I just had taken out Monday were gone and my wound ripped right open. Of course by now the pain is starting to kick in and I started crying because pain hurts. Then I started thinking oh great now I am going to have to go the hospital by myself and get this stitched back up. Well as I am holding a paper towel on it my husband called and asked if I was ok......uh No dumbass I what I wanted to say but didn't. I told him I was fine but was trying to get get dressed so I can go to the hospital to have my hand restitched. Next thing I know he is coming through the door. So now I really feel bad because I have this gapping open wound on my hand and now my husband is losing a days pay. We get to the hospital and they do the x-ray which showed everything was fine, gave me a pain pill, a testiness (or however you spell it) shot and rinsed and dressed the wound. They called the doctor that did the surgery and he told them to have me come in immediately so he can see it.

Great now I have spent 2 hrs at the hospital, only 1 cup of coffee, I am out of cigarettes, my hand is still hurting like hell and no breakfast. I don't get to have anything to drink or eat until after I see the hand surgeon just in case he wants to do surgery again on the hand. Thankfully I got a choice on if I wanted to go back in the O.R. room to have it stitched or not. He said if I didn't care that it was going to leave a scar then I didn't have to do it. Of course what do you think my answer was. That's right, I went for the scar. So he started to pack it and bandage it and in doing so he pushed down on the wound and I thought I was going to go flying out of my chair at him. I made a loud gasping noise and he said oh sorry did that hurt. I looked at him and said "you think" and he started laughing at me. Which I am glad he did because it helped take my mind off of it for a second. I told him that as of tomorrow I have no more insurance so I was worried about the office fees and so forth and he explained that they have what is called "global coverage" and I wouldn't be out of pocket on anything except my co-pay. When I asked him what "global coverage" meant because I have never heard of it he said basically "you are under warranty for 90 days since you had surgery". Really "Warranty" I had never heard of it before and he explained it is something new that they have now. Ok fine with me. At least something has a warranty on it in my

So by now I am starving and we get out of there and head to Waffle House for some food. Then I get home, shower and out the door I go again to sign a new Avon Rep. Then hubby calls and says don't forget to go to the store and by the way I am going to lay down for a nap. Great, I'm hurt, I had to meet a new rep and get her signed and then go to the store. I come home and he is in bed laying down. So what am I doing, of course sitting here blogging about my horrible day so far. At least it stopped raining, I didn't have to get stitches and I can still use my hand. I just have to soak it in saline solution and redress it later. I think I am going to play on Facebook for a little bit then go watch my soap The Young and the Restless then get out the heating pad and put it on my neck that I torked when I fell.

So just remember no matter how bad your day is someone out there somewhere is having a worse day then you are. Please be safe and have a wonderful day.