Thursday, January 03, 2013

Greatest Husband Ever

Greatest Husband Ever

mmmm coffeeeeee

I can't express how much I love my husband. He is the best I could ask for. Always making me smile, don't get me wrong sometimes he makes me mad as hell. But mostly makes me smile.

I sent him a text today at work just to tell him that I loved him and surprisingly he calls. One to tell me he loves me but also to tell me he hasn't made dinner in a while and wanted to know if I wanted him to cook....well DUHHHHH.

So tonight when I get home he has dinner going and a cup of coffee waiting on me mmmmm I love my coffee. He usually has it premade and ready for me to push the on button when I come home but tonight he had it already brewed for me. I have to say he knows me all to well. Of course every night before I go to bed I always premake the coffee to start about 15 minutes before he gets up so it will be ready for him.

I have to say I am one lucky woman. My man makes me coffee, has his arms open and waiting when I get home, cooks and cleans. He won't let me even touch the dirty dishes. Awwww yes, my wonderful husband, did I mention he is the greatest husband I know you probably disagree and think that your husband is the greatest and I am sure for you he is but mine is the greatest for me.

So I am going to get off of here for now and go fix me a plate of dinner. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and a better Friday.

Smile the weekend is almost here