Friday, January 04, 2013

Going to be a long night


Ok so here it is my biggest issue in my marriage. Ok well some would say it wasn't but to me it is. SNORING!!!!! My poor husband doesn't get much sleep at night because of it. I on the other hand think I sleep just fine. That is until the morning comes when I don't want to get out of bed because I don't feel like I have slept at all.

I love sleeping next to my husband but the truth of the matter is that I wake him up at night right along with his heartburn. So every night he gets up and drinks a glass of milk for the heartburn and then goes to sleep on the couch because my snoring is so loud that he can hear it all the way from the end of the house with the bedroom door closed. Now mind you when we first got married and moved in together he was able to get me to stop by making me roll over on my side. Needless to say that didn't last very long.

So for the past week he has been finding himself sleeping on the couch and of course every morning I wake up and ask how he slept....he just looks at me like I am crazy or something. We have 3 bedrooms and one of them has an extra bed in it and I have offered several times to sleep in another room but he says "you are my wife and you sleep in the bedroom with me". Awwww how sweet he is to say that. I know that he means it but honestly my snoring has gotten so bad he looks wore out all the time. Now my husband works with chemicals all day that go into fire suppression equipment and I don't know how dangerous they are but I know that he needs his rest so he don't mix the wrong chemicals.

So tonight when he was rubbing his eyes I asked if he had a headache and he said no he just needed about 14 hrs of sleep. Well I can't give him 14 hrs but I can give him a good night sleep. Tonight I am sleeping on the couch. Now I am sure you are wondering why am I not sleeping in the spare room with the bed. Honestly, I don't like sleeping in a bed without him. So I am choosing to fall asleep on the couch watching t.v. which has a timer on it. I can set it for 30 minutes and by then I will be out like a light and none the wiser that there is no noise around me. You know his snoring which can be bad but I know mine is alot worse then his is.

With that being said I am not going to stay on here any longer because 5 a.m. comes way to early and I have to be at work by 7:30. So I wish you all a Happy Friday and bear you all a good night.

Sincerely tired and going to be hurting in the morning from the couch. Trust that tomorrow I will be doing research on doctors to help with my issue. Maybe then I can get more energy back not to mention a great night sleep with my husband snuggled next to me.