Thursday, January 03, 2013

Getting Motivated

New Year New Plans

Ok so every year we all go through “this year I…..” stage and usually by day 3 we are back in the rut of the previous year.

I am not going to lie, of course I do it. The difference is this year, I didn’t say any of that. I know that I won’t do things before I say them no matter how good they sound.

For example, I bought the Malibu Pilates chair almost 2 yrs ago and guess what? Yeap that’s right. I put it together finally 2 ½ months ago and yeap still haven’t used it. Now don’t get me wrong I had honest intensions of using it when I paid over $200.00 for it. But as usual I am lazy and just don’t feel right about working out by myself.

So this year I asked my husband to work out with me and he just looked at me funny and said “I will continue on my one plate diet”. Gee honey that is great “if you can continue to eat only one plate” I thought. Of course he hasn’t lost any weight doing this. Because guess what people……YOU HAVE TO EXERCISE in some form or another to lose weight. Me bending my to my mouth and getting up and down off the couch for more coffee and food does not count.

So here we go with the new plan. Since my sister-in-law Kisha at The Glamorous Life of a French Housewife has got me to blogging, I plan on doing a post everyday about my daily food habits. Now I am not the best at staying on track but I am going to do my best. I mean after all I have been paying $20 a month for a gym membership for a year now and have only used about 10 times. So you see I have wasted a lot of money on something AGAIN that I don’t use but had good intensions.

So I have started to follow a couple other posts on the blogging community and hopefully I can get really inspired about finally loosing some of my weight.
I am suppose to be between 125-150 lbs but I am in all honestly 220 lbs so you see I have some major weight to loose.