Friday, January 11, 2013

Fill In the __________ Friday!

Fill in the _____ Friday Linkup!

Hello friends! So I am joinging in on the Fill in the Blank Friday's... so answer these questions for yourselves and link up below!

1. My new year started off __________?
Peaceful. Me and the hubby sat at home and watched t.v. then went to bed at 12:03.

2. In 2013 I really want to accomplish __________?
Losing weight. It isn't because I love to eat actually I hate to eat but it is because I am Lazy.

3. On cold January days, I stay warm by _?
Hot flashing. My house stays at 63 degrees all year so I love the cold.

4. My favorite comfort food is _________?
I would have to say chips ahoy and milk. Love them to pieces.

5. January reminds me of _?
My mom and bingo. Her birthday is on the 4th and now she celebrates them in Heaven with my daughter.

6. My favorite winter sport is __?
I would have to say none. I used to love going sledding with my kids when it snowed but other then that not a thing.

7. My favorite January TV shows are _?
Not a clue because my husband and I always watch the same shows even if they are reruns.

So now its your turn!!