Monday, January 21, 2013

Feeling Helpless after Surgery and other thoughts

Well it is now Monday and the 4th day since surgery. I am ready to pull my hair out only having one hand to actually use. I have to depend on my husband for alot of things and I don't like it. I am usually the one waiting on him hand and foot and now the roles are reversed. Which he don't mind and I know most women wouldn't mind but I do.

We had to go to a funeral yesterday because my cousins husband of 35 yrs passed away and boy was that a challenge for me. Trying to fond something to wear with this half cast/splint thing on my arm was difficult but I managed to find something nice. Unfortunately it had buttons which I couldn't work by myself. Of course as soon as we get to the funeral home wouldn't you know I had to use the ladies room. I looked at my husband and he said he wouldn't go in the ladies room with me so I looked at my other cousin who was there as she said "don't look at me". I told her I only needed help doing the button back so she agreed. Do you how embarrassing that is to have to ask someone for that kind of help? It was horrible but what is worse is that you feel like less then a person. I don't like being dependent on someone.

Even though I do feel helpless and embarrassed that I have to ask for help the complete 4 days have not been that bad. My son is trying to go into the Air-force and had to get some blood work done Friday. Given that he don't have insurance he had to pay out of pocket which was $243 for the test. So I had to transfer money into his account to cover it. So he calls me Saturday and tells me that the lab people called and found another code to use that would only cost $78 dollars so of course I was Happy!!!! They are going to refund the money today hopefully. He is suppose to find out today also if he is going to get to go in if all goes right. He has tried before but because of his thyroid they denied him but we have it corrected now or so I hope it is still corrected. So please keep your fingers crossed for him.

As some of you may know that the employer I was with for 11 yrs laid me off and I get a text message saying I need to bring in all the company property including my cell phone. So I called my boss and asked about buying my number and he said "you know your not fired" so I responded with "yeah but I am laid off and this is the only number I have for anyone to get ahold of me." So he tells me to just ignore the text is what I am thinking. Hopefully I will be able to keep my phone number but we will see.

Ok I have been rambling Sorry but I have alot on my mind today so I am going to shut up and try to do laundry one handed. I hope everyone has a wonderful and Blessed day.